Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Meet Sandra Godfrey, the beautiful actor that doesn't believe in giving up but striving to be better at what she does...

Sandra Godfrey is an Actor / Model and Voice Over Artiste. She is from Enugu State, Nigeria. She holds a degree in Political Science and Psychology from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State.
She says her love for the arts has been evident since childhood, she always took part in the church dramas until her University days, she had wanted to study Theatre Arts but by a twist of fate she ended up in the social sciences.

Her foray into professional acting began while she was in the East and still in school, after her studies, she relocated to Lagos to chase her dreams and has since been acting full-time.
After her move to Lagos, she started attending auditions but had it rough getting good roles as she was new and most producers didn't believe in her but she was getting minor roles that she performed to the best of her abilities and eventually doors opened for her and she now gets bigger opportunities to do what she loves doing.
Productions she has been a part of includes: The Date, Daddy's Girl, Girls Quarters, Taking the Leap, Just Fools, Matchmaker, Return of the Prodigal, Tales of life, Aging Gracefully, Tinsel, Karma, Lekki Wives 2, just to mention but a few.
Sandra or may i say Queen Sandra as she is currently the Queen of Aso Tourism, Nigeria, a pageant that was recently concluded in Abuja is doing very well in her modeling career, she also emerged the first ever winner of the SUN Girl makeover in 2013, she was a part of these TV commercials: First Class lady hair booster, Glo the green jacket, Glo campus zone, Da Viva, Knorr cube, e.t.c
Sandra is very humble, calculative, disciplined and focused. She values her job and is a delight to work with. She could be an introvert or extrovert depending on the situation. She always wears this beautiful smile on her face that can lighten up any dark place.
Skills: Role Playing, Voice Acting
Languages Spoken: English, Nigerian Pidgin English and Igbo
Hobbies: Watching Movies and Reading
Life Quote: Those who give up cannot gain Victory. It's not Victory in itself that is most important but the fighting spirit. Even if you fail, the attitude of not giving up is a beautiful thing.
You can find Sandra on Facebook via:
Twitter and Instagram: @sandraagodfrey

Sandra Godfrey


  1. She's got a stunning smile...big ups to you and keep the fire burning...the sky is your starting point!

  2. Babe u going bigger.. All the best!!

  3. Babe u going bigger.. All the best!!

  4. She's fine and acts well too. I have seen that Aging Gracefully and Matchmaker on African Magic. Kudos Babe.

  5. Beauty & Brain! Ur talent,I trust...Shine On dear.

  6. Beautiful write up for a beautiful actress