Monday, 30 December 2013


Baby Kenny is an 8 months old baby with a hold in her heart. Her mother Oluwatosin Ruth Adebuyi gave birth to a set of twins and was filled with joy and happiness as every mother would but it was a short lived joy as she got to discover the terrible news about one of her set of twins.
Her daughter, Kehinde Adegbuyi was diagnosed with bronchopneumonia, congenital heart disease with congestive heart failure when she was 3 months old. In a lay mans language she has a 'HOLE IN HER HEART. Her twin sister is doing fine.
She needs 2.5 Million Naira for the operation that needs to be carried out in India. She has just a few months to live if the operation is not done as soon as possible.
Her mother is a struggling hairdresser and can't afford this amount, that is why she is begging the public to come to her aid and save her daughter..
If only 1000 people can give as low as 2000 Naira we can all SAVE BABY KENNY.
It is a season to show love and put smiles on people's faces, let us help bring laughter back into this household and save the life of this beautiful little child, she and her entire family are counting on well-meaning organisations and Nigerians like you and me to make them have a reason to celebrate in the new year.
Please send your donations to: Account Name: Adegbuyi Kehinde Martha
                                               Account Number: 0141056477
                                               Bank: GTB (Guarantee Trust Bank)
You can call Mrs. Adegbuyi on 07011899298 to verify the story or if you wish to see baby Kenny.
God bless you as you help save this child from dying...Happy New Year in Advance

Baby Kenny

Baby Kenny and her mother

Baby Kenny and her Twin sister with her Mother

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