Friday, 23 November 2012

TDUST an Artist with a Unique Style...Taking Over...

Tope Steven Onobote known as TDUST is a Musician, an Actor and a Model. Tope says his stage name 'TDUST' came from re-arranging his names and made a meaning out of it, so every letter is an initial for his names so basically what it means is that man was made from dust and dust shall he return basically it means I-Am-Tdust = I AM ME...interesting...
His style of music is called ME.MUSIC, he loves to express himself and explore the 6th sense of musical expect to hear everything from him be it Hip hop, RnB, Hardcore Rap anything and he will deliver!
Tdust has his eyes on the world and hope to conquer and get the love of everyone irrespective of their race, religion, color or culture with his music. He had his album lunch at Swe bar, City Mall, Lagos on the 27th of October 2012 where a long list of celebrities and fans filled up the venue to support and encourage this new hot blazing artiste. He has been performing at shows and making his presence felt before he went ahead to release his first album, shows like the Uk summer Jam 2009, he opened for Durella at MSOU awards in 2007, performed at Kennis music easter fiesta in 2010, Pre-dynamix awards 2011 he opened for Olamide e.t.c..
He is also an excellent actor and has featured in several productions including Family ties, Case file, About to Wed, Yours faithfully, Bella's place, Crack in the wall e.t.c. as a Model he has also been part of good adverts like Zain step up advert, Lintels, Vitavite e.t.c
Feel free to like his Fan page on facebook Tdust or follow the link and get constant update of what he is up to and follow on twiter on @iam_tdust
Here is a link to one of his tracks...You would love it, trust me on this one...

Below are pictures from his Album lunch...Enjoy viewing...hehehe


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