Monday, 24 February 2014

'I'm Living in Ghana Get me Out of Here' a book by Ghanaian Author Comfort Arthur...

Comfort Arthur is a British born Ghanaian. she holds a Bachelors degree in Graphic Designs and a Masters in Animation.
The book came to life after people asked her to make a book out of her daily ranting about not able to find her place in Ghana, she usually writes a daily update titled 'I'm living in Ghana Get me Out of here'
She works as a film editor and has edited a lot of African Films, she has also worked with lots of renowned African actors like Nigeria Legend Olu Jacobs and in her leisure she enjoys drawing and animation. The book is a compilation of the Author's experiences from being swindled by kids and running away from desperate suitors
that resembles the likes of snoop doggy Dog, to fighting with Trotro mates and taxi drivers. 'I'm living in Ghana Get me Out of here' is a poignantly hilarious travel memoir with sharp, original and irresistible storytelling that confounds expectations at every turn. Comfort Arthur recounts her misadventure, victories and catastrophes fighting against all odds to survive a country that she now calls home...She is also going to have a lot of Illustrations in the book to show the world how good she is in drawing and doing animations.
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Below is an extract from the book so you can have an idea what to expect...

30 December 2012

Day 25 of I'm living in Ghana get me out of here: GET ME AWAY FROM THE MIRROR MAN! I was on my way to by some credit for my phone. When I got stopped by a guy that sold mirrors. This is how the conversation proceeded:
MIRROR MAN: hello fine lady may I have a moment of your time.
ME: I'm kind of late so make it quick
MIRROR MAN: are you a Ghanaian?
ME: err yeah
MIRROR MAN: do you have a british passport?
ME: erm I guess so 
MIRROR MAN: oh okay thats good to hear! the moment I saw you I knew that you were my wife
ME: (annoyed) okay dude your just wasting my time 
MIRROR MAN: please you are my wife! Can I have your number?
 Thank heavens! my phone begins to ring it's my uncle so I dash off leaving the crazy man!

Watch this Space to know where and how to get a copy of the wonderful book...

Comfort Arthur

An Illustration from the book

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