Saturday, 12 April 2014

The wait is Finally Over...Film Faculty Africa is born...Africa's 1st Online FilmMakers Directory...

Film Faculty Africa is Africa's 1st Online FilmMakers Directory and it was born because the creators believed every FilmMaker in Africa deserves a chance to be known, patronised and judged based on performance and this is a platform to be seen and easily found online.
The African film industry is growing at an alarming rate and it's loaded with massive opportunities and very talented set of people that make film work (FilmMakers) thus, the need to create a platform where these FilmMakers can be accessed directly by investors, international bodies and potential clients.
It's usually said that Africa is a zone filled with amazing potentials yet a common phrase keeps popping up when in contact - MEDIOCRE. Is this true? well, we'll soon find out.

Here you will have a poll of people that make film work (FilmMakers) with each of them having a page where they can exhibit their video and/or photo reels as well as put any relevant/contact information about themselves. This directory is powered with an extensive search tool that will enable you run a search based on different parameters.
The directory is access FREE to the whole world. Thus means you can be accessed by over 5million people over the globe.
The benefits are unending; you will have access to posting your Trailers, Short Films, Upcoming Premiere/Red Carpet Events, e.t.c...all for FREE
It is simple, if you are looking to contact any African FilmMaker, this is the right site to look.
You can also request posting your Trailers, Short Films, Upcoming Premiers/Red Carpet Events, e.t.c...for FREE.

Registering with the Directory is FREE...oh yes, FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!
The registration process is very simple - visit:


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