Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Meet Kelechi Udegbe an outstanding actor that digs deep to bring Characters to life...

Kelechi Udegbe is an Actor, Model, MC/Compare and a Voice Over Artist. He hails from Imo State in Nigeria. He studied Acting at Wale Adenuga's film school, PEFTI.
As a child he was shy and would never partake in social activities like drama presentations, little wonder people that knew him then are surprised seeing him in the entertainment industry. Kelechi was a member of a music group but opted out in 2003, but he still writes rhymes when he is feeling some kind of strong emotions like joy, pain, e.t.c, he says he isn't sure if he will ever release them even though everyone that hear him sing wants him to release them. He says music heals that is why he loves it.
He started acting professionally in 2009, he attended an audition and grabbed a lead role in Wale Adenuga's Super Story 'Behind the Smile' since then he has been keeping his game tight and has since featured in several moves and TV series and Web series like: Misfit, Ojuju, Kpians, Yaws and Mine, Officer Titus, Stopping Kloe, Bursting Out, Easy Access, Tommy got a Gun, Too Blind to See, just to mention but a few...
Kelechi is a very deep and outstanding actor, he strongly believe his ability to interpret characters and erase doubts from whoever sees them is the reason he stands out from his peers, he goes the extra mile to have look different to fit a character and make it difficult to be recognised (i personally was a victim when i saw Misfit i didn't believe it was him! he totally killed the role), I wasn't surprised he made Nollywood's Producer/Director Charles Novia's list of the Best 5 Nollywood Actors in 2013, Oh did i mention he is really FUNNY!!!

Kelechi says he loves acting because he feels like he can express himself in more ways then oneis a simple easy going young man that believes in 'live and lets live' and he adapts easily to locations and conditions.
He dances and writes, he also loves sports like: Football, Basketball, Snooker, Board games, e.t.c.
He runs a boutique and sell fashion accessories. He hopes to have his own clothing line soon.
Connect with Kelechi on facebook via: https://www.facebook.com/kelechi.udegbe
Twitter: @kelechi_01
Email: kelechiudegbe@yahoo.com
Catch an Episode of Kelechi as Officer Titus below:


  1. Really good actor indeed,his performance as "orji" in daniel oriahi's MISFIT is one I find really intriguing...he was seemless and looked effortless.

  2. Kudos son, do obodoukwu proud, let God lead u n guild ur steps all d way. Ck bogari