Sunday, 22 February 2015

New TV Series Alert: Genesis Studio's 'TALES OF EVE 5' titled THANKS FOR COMING

With promises of high-end entertainment comes the fifth season of the popular television series 'TALES OF EVE'.
Tales of Eve is produced by Genesis Studios. The new season is titled 'Thanks for Coming' The thrust of this season is about prostitution otherwise known as 'Runs'.
The producer, Olatubosun Olaegbe said that 'aside the need to entertain, Genesis Studios take on concepts from a human angle in order to impact lives by highlighting on key features like overcoming challenges and moral values.

'We know this is a kind of society where people go through a lot. However, if they are determined and focused, they can always come out successful. We also know the importance of womanhood. They are our mothers and without them, a lot of things won't go right. This is why we decided to create a content built around them' Olatubosun Olaegbe says.
Shot on location, in the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and other environs around Lagos. 'Thanks for Coming' is set in a glamorous world of three undergraduates, Irene (Nancy Isime), Boma (Doris Ifeka) and Eric (Adenine Johnson) whose paths cross by providence, but become intertwined by the circumstances that life throws their way as they navigate their way through University. The path these three students recklessly tread is much steeper and darker than they imagine as it is one in which they may be unable to find their way back.
The director of the series, Imoh Umoren -A Canada trained cinematographer and AMVCA Award nominee for 'Best Film Online' describes the season as replete with amazing performances and real stories.
'I am very impressed with the actors who deliver the whole story professionally. A lot of the time, the scenes don't look like acting. They look more like real life and people will be able to relate to it because a lot of things that the girls depicts in the story are things that everyday students in Nigeria are struggling with' Technically, the cinematography is amazing so it will be top notch', the Canada trained director says.
The new season of the drama series features the likes of Nancy Isime as the lead act, Judith Audu, Adeniyi Johnson, Jerry Smart Urdu, Doris Ifeoma Ifeka, Racheal Emem Isaac, Micheal Philip and a host of other amazing actors.
The new season of Tales of Eve will be aired in March the producers revealed.

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