Monday, 1 June 2015

New Trailer Alert: Abu Idi's 'CASPER's ENERGY'

Cine-god Studios release the trailer for 'Casper's Energy' a paranormal movie, Written and Directed by Abu Idi 'Cinema god', Produced by Tony Hanssen, it stars Tony Hanssen, Paulina Oduro, Umar Krupp, Salma Mumin, Tinell Dickens, Jefferey Nortey, Manaf DF, Anthony Wood, Eva Bannor.
Casper Energy tells a story of a man trapped between earth and the other side, Casper learns the darkest secrets of his own existence, meanwhile on the other side is Aimi, a 50 year soul in the body of a 25 year old lady, who discovers a purpose for herself and casper on the other side, where they don't die, they don't grow, they don't progress and neither do they retard, though casper has a chance to change the world may be, is this worth it when everything about his life was a lie? And everything about the other side feels real? Still the surprises never stopped in the real world and Casper could not do anything while he remains only a shadow, but even if he choses to do anything, he is only an energy without a host and must get through the world's worse problems to get back to his host.
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Watch the Trailer Below:



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