Saturday, 25 July 2015

Introducing my Guest on the show today the 25th of July 2015

Hola amazing readers/listeners, hope you are doing great today. It is yet another Saturday to listen to 'Meet the Actor with Judith Audu' and get to meet another interesting actor.
Today we will be having a guest i love so much, she is like a mother to me in the Industry, she is often referred to as the Queen of Nigerian soap operas, she is an outstanding versatile actor with acting experience spanning the different genres of artistic endeavor (Television,Stage, Film and Radio), some of you may remember her from Everyday People, I need to know with Funke Akindele, Edge of Paradise, Tinsel, Blaze of Glory, The gods are still not to Blame, Dazzling Mirage, V monologues, Ajayi Crowther, Five maidens of Fadaka, Prison Chronicles,Emerald 1,  among others.
Drums rollllllllllll as we introduce the one and only!!!! Carol King from Nigeria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Log on 1pm (+1 GMT), and get to know more about this fantastic actor from Nigeria.
Have a very relaxing weekend. Cheers

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