Thursday, 10 September 2015

New Movie Alert: Mighty Jot Studios's Experimental film 'PAYBACK'

Award winning film maker Stanlee Ohikhuare just released the video of his new experimental film titled 'Payback'.
"PAYBACK" is a totally unplanned and unscripted film which I shot on one fateful day when I had a courtesy visit by some actors; many of whom I was meeting for the first time.
For those who saw my BALANCING ACT U.K interview by Russel Southwood on Smart Monkey TV, you would remember that I mentioned something about creating a Novel Film Style where all the actors would communicates convincingly, speaking different languages.
Well, these visiting Actors availed me of the opportunity to carry out an experimental test - shoot of the film style.
In this movie, the actors speak five distinct languages. Debola speaks YORUBA, Brutus Richard speaks EFIK, Sidney speaks IGBO, Hadiza Mohamed speaks ETSAKO (EDO) while Pat speaks PIDGIN ENGLISH.
For uniformity and back-story comprehension, the entire dialogue is subtitled in English. This is a move towards the preservation of our native dialects; especially Nigerian languages.
As you watch the movie below, try to ignore my reflection in the mirror!!! And please drop a line on the comments segment to let me know how to improve on this medium. Suggestions are most welcome.

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