Saturday, 3 October 2015

Introducing my Guest on the Show Today the 3rd of October 2015

Hello Amazing People, Its yet another Saturday to listen to another interesting edition of your favorite online radio show 'Meet the Actor with Judith Audu' on your number 1 extraterrestrial radio .
Today on the show, as always, we are excited to bring you one of Nigeria's finest actors with immense talents and a distinguished career. Before his foray into the make-belief world, he began his career in 1979 as a broadcaster in Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation and moved to Ogun State Television in 1982 before joining the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).
Broadcaster cum actor, with experience spanning over 3 decades, my guest today is indeed one with huge pedigree and many just can't forget his character 'Nduka' in the late Amaka Igwe's TV his series 'CheckMate'. He has featured on several notable movies, TV series, stage plays like; October 1, Dazzling Mirage, Tinsel, Heroes and Zeroes, Broken, Torn, Newman Street, Render to Caesar, Tango with Me, Ripples, After Dark, Saro the Musical, e.t.c.
His outstanding performances have earned him several nominations and awards...Listerners from all over the world, sit back, relax and enjoy this interesting show as it promises to be an awesomeness hour with Veteran Nigerian Actor, Bimbo Manuel live in the studio with yours truly; Judith Audu on 'Meet the Actor with Judith Audu'.
You can find him on Facebook via:
Please join us at 1300hrs (+1GMT) on or
You can also join in the conversation, if you have comments or questions for Mr. Bimbo Manuel by tweeting at us at @meettheactor.
Have a very Fantastic Weekend My Friends!!! Cheers

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