Thursday, 17 December 2015

New Short Film Alert: Tolu Ajayi's 'The Encounter'

Trina Studios releases the short film that got every one talking and made a statement at the African International Film Festival 2015 by winning the Best Short Film. 'The Encounter' is Produced by Ekene Mekwunye, Directed by Tolu Ajayi, Screenplay by Egbemawei Dimiyei Sammy and Frederick Obiora Anyaegbunam, Orginal Story by Henry Onyema, D.O.P Adekunle 'NODASH' Adejuyigbe, Production Design by Uche Nwaohiri, It stars Amara Onoh, Stan Nze, Gregory Ojefua, Henry Nwachukwu, Ezekiel Kayode, e.t.c.
The Encounter: Set in 1967 during the Nigerian civil war, an imprisoned Emmanuel Ifeajuna is summoned by Biafran Commander-in-Chief General Emeka for one last conversation, one last encounter. Based on the original short story 'The Encounter' by historian, Henry Onyema.
Watch it Below:


  1. I wish I saw this film at Afriff. Great picture there! Kudos to casts and crew.

  2. Wow. Amazing!
    We need more films like this. Historical, Informative, Engaging from beginning to the end, well executed, lovely picture!
    BIG Kudos to Tolu and his team!