Saturday, 6 February 2016

Introducing my Guests on the Show today the 6th of February 2016...The Ojesebholos

Welcome to the month of February amazing People! St. Valentines day is just around the corner, so to commemorate this special season of love, the show all through February is going to be a Celebration of Love as we will be featuring couples that are in the industry and it is tagged 'Celebrity Couples Special Edition'. I am excited about it as we will be having wonderful couples sharing their love stories and how they manage to cope with all the challenges that comes with marrying someone in the same profession.
To kick off this special edition is an amazing Nigerian Couple; both compliment each other so well that it has made them stand out in the industry, they started their love story over 15 years ago. The Husband is an Actor/Director/Writer/Editor, the wife produces all his jobs, she also writes, builds and design sets and costumes...They have won several awards and gotten several nominations both internationally and locally.
Their names are Ehizojie and Ibironke Ojesebholo...The Ojesebholo's
Join us at 1pm (+1GMT) to listen to our chat, hear their love story and be inspired, click on this link to get direct access to the show:
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