Monday, 2 May 2016

BTS from Okwui Eneowo (Mr Perfect) movie 'Tempest'

'TEMPEST' is produced by Okwui Eneowo (MR Perfect), Directed by Okey Ifeanyi, it stars Sam Sunny, Maureen Okpoko, Keira Hewatch, Arinze Okonkwo, Diana Ijeoma, Lizzy Gold.
SYNOPSIS: Sheila is a nice beautiful young lady but her biggest problem is her fiery temper. Her parents can not afford to allow her only brother to live under the same roof with her because of her hot temper, so they send him abroad to stay. Sheila will get hired in a company today because of her brilliance and  the next day she will get fired because of her hot temper. Every good thing that comes her way keeps getting destroyed by her hot temper. Even the life of Alex, her fiancĂ© whom she loved very deeply, was destroyed by her hot temper and she will live to regret it.
Below are the BTS:

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