Tuesday, 20 December 2016

New Trailer Alert: Ifu Ennada's 'Tears of a Broken Virgin'

Ifu Ennada releases the trailer of her debut short film 'Tears of a Broken Virgin', Produced and Written by Ifu Ennada, Directed by Benedict (Benny) Alli Atagagame. 
Tears of a Broken Virgin is about how a vengeful rape victim goes on an unconventional revenge mission and not even the marriage proposal from the rapist can change her mind.
The movie according to the producer was inspired by real event and asks everyone to join hands and fight it along with other gender based abuses.
Follow their Anti Abuse Centre on all Social Media Platforms: @AntiAbuseCentre 
Get Educated! Get Help! Give Help!
Watch the Trailer Below:

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