Sunday, 23 April 2017

New Trailer Alert: Best Okoduwa's Mystified

 Best Okoduwa releases the trailer for his new movie titled 'Mystified', Written and Directed by Best Okoduwa, Produced by Dami Ann Alabi and Best Okoduwa, it stars Esther Audu, Kenneth Okoli, Stan Nze, Duke Elvis, Dami Ann Alabi, Bolaji Ogunmola, Stephen Damian, Agnes Obi, amongst others.
Mystified tells a story about how heartbroken Thelma (Esther Audu) decided to erase romantic relationship from her existence despite the consistent pressure from her best friend Susan (Dami Ann) until two organised jokers Teddy (Kenneth Okoli) and Fred (Stan Nze) decided to tease her a little. It wasn't the end they all anticipated as an intricate web gets them all stuck in a bad deal set up by Tee (Duke Elvis) Susan's dumb baby brother.
Mystified will be in Cinemas from June, watch the trailer below:

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