Monday, 24 July 2017

New Trailer Alert: Imoh Umoren's 'Children of Mud'

Film Director, Imoh Umoren released the trailer for his movie 'Children of the Mud' his 4th feature film. Written and Directed by Imoh Umoren, it stars Nollywood Veteran Liz Benson now Liz Ameye, Matilda Obaseki, BBA 2017 Housemate Bassey Ekpenyong, and some brilliant child actors.
It is a story about street kids who are thrown out by their families. Specifically it enters around Emem and her blind brother Miracle who are chased out of the house by their misguided Aunt and they go in search of a Miracle.
The story of street kids is a huge concern in Nigeria with kids of school age either hawking on the streets or forced to leave home.
'Children of Mud' is written by Imoh Umoren and is a collaborative effort between Rucksack Production and Grand Explorers with Ify Egbera and Dr Wale Boje as Producers.
The trailer got people talking and anticipating the movie as it looks so brilliant, cinematography looks superb.
Watch the Trailer below:



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