Monday, 30 September 2013

Amaka Anioji talks about her new web series FINDING SELF and her life as an Actor, Producer, Writer and Director...

The multiple-award winning actress Amaka Anioji has recently concluded work on her web series named 'Finding Self' a story of a young disoriented lady called Catherine that dreams about things she doesn't know how to get, she struggles to survive life with her perfect, go-getter half sister Silvia.
'Findinf Self'' is written, produced and co-directed by Amaka Anioji is due to be released soon. With a line up of amazing actors; Keneth Okoli, Amaka Anioji, Kiki Omeili, Judith Audu, Amaka Okemadu and Marygold Adams, the web series will certainly be a delight to watch.
The Abuja international film festival outstanding actress 2012 and short-international film festival Best actress, discusses her multi-tasking as an Actress, screenwriter, producer and Director.
She says that she cannot call herself a Director yet, despite Co-directing ‘’Finding self’’. for her Directing is a little into the future, although she loves it but is seriously resisting the temptation of directing a lot. She however expresses her love and devotion to Acting, Screenwriting and producing.
She claims that even-though at a particular point writing locked her down for a long time and made it almost impossible for her to sign any acting gigs, she has however found a middle ground where she can act as much as she wants, write and produce when she has to, compartmentalizing is something i have come to master and now i am doing a lot more of acting she says.
Acting, writing and producing she gushes are the most exciting experiences, and she will Act, write and produce until she is so old and not able to move her bones.
On the challenges in the film industries, she says that for all actors it’s always about getting to work with the right team that can ensure quality films and working consistently. And as a writer it’s about having client that can afford her fee and allow her imagination to get to work, not clipping her wings with ideas that do not usually work well dramatically.  And as a producer, funds! funds! funds! Good film projects costs a lot of money and this money don’t come easy.
Talking about her recent projects, she says that she is getting on set for an exciting feature film and has amazing projects she is writing, has a number of feature films in post-production and a TV show soon to be unveiled, she says that she has been working behind the scene for several months now and it’s time to dish out what she has been cooking.
On her fans she says that she is really honored to have amazing fans, it’s always humbling when you have people smiling, waving at me, hugging and telling me how much they love my work, i have never seen a reward like that, to her fans she says, i love you guys a lot, and her word out there is that ‘’everything that we need to do and become is within and around us. And it’s only a fool that says that there is no God!!!

Amaka Anioji

Amaka as Catherine on FINDING SELF set with Keneth Okoli

Location pictures from FINDING SELF

Judith Audu, Marygold Adams and Amaka Anioji on FINDING SELF

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