Saturday, 23 August 2014

TEC Studio and Blueprint Studios releases the trailer for their short film PROJECT SOS

Titans Entertainment Crew and Blueprint Studios Nigeria makes remarkable statements on issues concerning domestic violence, child marriage and the popular ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) strike.
PROJECT SOS is a short film which tackles domestic violence, an issue affecting Africa as a whole and its nothing but man's inhumanity to man.
Some Men fight and maltreat their wives in the presence of their children, not minding the emotional trauma they put the children into and most children from these kinds of homes usually grow up to becoming criminals terrorising the society. Well as the popular saying goes 'Charity begins at home'.
Child marriage in its own case, can be said to have existed for a long time. In some ethnic settings fathers gives their daughters to their friends in marriage so as to further reunite their friendship and tie family bonds or as a form of appreciation for a particular favour rendered to them in the past and the friend will assume responsibilities of the little girl until she is 'ripe' for marriage but the current trend of child marriage act is such that a full grown man goes to marry a little girl that is yet matured, although some claim it is acceptable in some religion views and some cultural backgrounds but according to legal claims, it is equivalent to child abuse (according to the international convention of the child right carried out by UNICEF).
The film is one of a kind as it approaches filmmaking in an unusual and unconventional means, the crew doubles as the actors, It is a complete work of art filled with originality and creativity.
Story by Seun Afolabi, Directed by Seun Afolabi and Solanke Olusola Olujimi, It starred Seun Afolabi, Peter Adesanya, Ayoka Thompson, Olanrewaju Muritala, Olusola Solanke, and a host of other fantastic actors.
Watch the trailer below and follow on twitter @projectSOSng to get more information as the film will be released on Monday 25th of August 2014.

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