Monday, 8 September 2014

11th Abuja International Film Festival 2014 Nominees List….

The organisers of the longest running international film festival award ceremony in Anglophone West Africa, releases the Nominees list for this year's award ceremony.
The 11th Abuja International Film Festival AIFF is scheduled to hold from the 23rd to 26th September Cinemas Abuja, Nigeria.
Go to there website: to read more about the Festival.
JAB Congratulates every nominee and wishes them the very best of luck…Cheers

1. Invasion 1897 - Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen
2. Blood and Romance - Danjuma DJ Saaid
3. Dream Walker - Neville Ossai
4. Twist of Fate - Gbenga Bello
5. Where Talent Lies - Ikenna Oguike
6. Black Silhouette - Charles Uwagbai
7. Irugbin (Seed) - Adebayo Tijanni

1. Chinese Zodiac - (China)
2. The Grandmaster (China)

3. Walking to School (China)
4. The Major (Russia)
5. The Superstition (Uganda)

1. Frost Bite - Seun Ajayi
2. New Horizons - Tope Oshin Ogun
3. Not Right -  Uduak Obong Patrick
4. Yawa (Nemesis) - Damijo Efe Young
5. Love and War - Tope Oshin Ogun

1. Just a Friend (Egypt-Luxor)
2. Awaiting Lazarus (United Kingdom)
3. La Queue (The Queue) (France)
4. The Son of the Sea (Spain)
5. The Journey (UAE)

1. Unbroken (The Story of John Sumonu) - Toyin Fajj - Nigeria
2. Paradox of Life - Katman Dayil - Nigeria
3. Omonong (Gift) - Katman Dayil - Nigeria
4. The Rise of the Eagles - Biola Kazeem - Nigeria
5. Sound of Torture - Karen Shayo - Isreal

1. The Throne - Jubril Malafia Nigeria
2. When is Tommorow - Ayo Donadove - Nigeria
3. Souls under Soles - Oluwaseun Afolabi - Nigeria

1. Troublesome Landlord - larry Zuka - Nigeria
2. I Come Lagos - Elvis Chuks - Nigeria
3. Yawa (Nemesis) - Damijo Efe Young - Nigeria

1. Khing Bassey - Blood and Romance - Nigeria
2. Frank Atus - Twist of Fate - Nigeria
3. Alex Ayalogu - Where Talent Lies - Nigeria
4. Jackie Chan - Chinese Zodiacc - China
5. Mike Omoregbe - Invasion 1897 - Nigeria

1. Mary Uche- Twist of Fate - Nigeria
2. Abimbola Ademoye - Where Talent Lies - Nigeria
3. Jackie Appiah - Dream Walker - Nigeria
4. Ivie Okujaye - Black Silhouette - Nigeria

1. Jackie Chan - Chinese Zodiac - China
2. Jiahuang Peng & Chen Peng -  Walking to School - China
3. Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen - Invasion 1897 - Nigeria
4. Danjuma DJ Saad - Blood and Romance - Nigeria
5. Kar Wai Wong - The Grandmaster - China

1. Souls under Soles - National Film Institute
2. When is Tommorrow - Ahmadu Bello University
3. Tales by Sunset - Ahmadu Bello University
4. Forlon - National Film Institute
5. Betrayed - Iyua Alah - National Film Institute

1. Blood and Romance - Nigeria
2. Chinese Zodiac - China
3. Invasion 1897 - Nigeria
4. Irugbin (Seed) - Nigeria
5. The Wings - Russia


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