Monday, 29 September 2014

Meet Sandra Eze 'SANZYE'… A Young Lady with so many Cards to play in the Entertainment Industry

Sandra Eze popularly know as 'SANZYE' is an Actor, Anchor, Presenter, Model, Journalist, OAP and aspiring Singer. She is a Nigerian from Anambra State. This Multi-talented TV Personality  holds a degree in English Language and Literary Studies from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Amambra State.
She wanted to become a lawyer but her hunger for entertainment made her audition as a presenter for her campus radio. She kickstarted her media career while at the University at age 18 she was an On-Air-Personality at her campus radio station 'Unizik FM'. After that there was no turning back her passion for the arts developed and became deeper as she grew, she discovered other talents and made good use of them too.

She worked with Nigezie TV and Rhythm FM where she got to interview top entertainment and media personalities like Funmi Iyanda, Dare Art Alade, Jimmy John Louis, Gina London, Sound Sultan, Femi Kuti, Majid Micheal e.t.c plus many top government officials e.t.c
A friend of hers took her to an audition where she got auditioned and got her first major appearance on Screen. sometime in 2010 on Royal Roots TV Series 'Bella's Place' where she played the role of a pregnant lady named 'Bridget' after then her career has been moving smoothly as she has been a part of several other productions like: Tinsel, Four Walls, Knocking on Heaven's Door, Karma, Silence, Relayshunchips, just to mention but a few.
This beautiful young lady made it to the top 30 contestants on Nigerian Idol, Season 2 in 2011/2012, She was also among the top 10 finalists on EbonyLifeTV's reality show 'Mo's Search.
She went for another audition where she proved that despite being young she was worth getting the slot which she eventually did and has been co-hosting since 2013, If you watch a lot of TV i bet you must have seen her because it is one of the most watched TV Breakfast Show in Nigeria, 'Your View' and it is still running so watch out for her. She strongly believes she will be a CNN anchor someday as that is her dream.
As a model she has also done well for herself  as she has modelled for several fashion designers like Moofa, Ma'Bello, e.t.c
Do not be deceived with her ever smiling face, Sanzye is a dogged hardworker, opinionated, with oozing intelligence, bold, humble, highly focused, determined to always give her all in everything she does which is why she is outstanding in all her jobs.
She loves to sing, read, travel, adventurous, loves social media, music, movies and hanging out at the beach.
You can contact and connect with Sanzye on Facebook via:
Twitter and Instagram: @sanzye

Sandra Eze
Sandra Eze


  1. Describing u as multi talented is obviously a mild way to state it. You are one of a kind in your generation. Keep it up

  2. Beautiful pics uv got there, I must confess. You've done very well for yourself, pray God grant your dreams and make you bigger and better, Amen.

  3. Sanzye is my personal person. I worked with her at Nigezie. I can testify she is hardworking. I admire her alot

  4. Well done Sanzye! I love you on your view and Tinsel! I never knew she models too. True beauty

  5. just watched her on your view's Oct.1st celebration.. fine geh

  6. She is a perfect inspiration to many, young and old.
    Carry on sister of life....

  7. Thank you everyone. I really do appreciate your support and kind words of commendation. God bless u.