Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Meet Baaj Adebule, an actor that is ready to change to suit whatever character he plays

Baaj Adebule
Baaj Adebule is a Nigerian Actor, Model and VJ. He hails from Ogun State. He graduated from Covenant University with a BSC in Economics.
Baaj says he has always had a passion for the arts for as long as he can remember, as he remembers watching tons of movies, series and cartoons with his siblings while growing up. He loves seeing movies and craves to star in movies and give the audience the same feelings he gets when he watches his mentors like Leonardo Dicaprio, Denzel Washington, Al Pacino, e.t.c

In 2010, he got an opportunity to start living his dreams of being an actor as he featured on Mnet's Award winning TV Series, TINSEL. This made Baaj so happy and proud of himself for having such a big start and he started attending auditions. He has since featured on various movies and TV series like; Studio, Deadline, A Perfect Plan, Pound of Flesh, Happy Family, Two Sides of a Coin, Honeymoon Hotel, Four Crooks and a Rookie, Heaven's Hell, just to mention but a few.
In the same year, 2010, he got his first modeling job on the runway in NMAA models awards, He contested for Mr Nigeria in 2011 and he was the 3rd runner up, he has been part of several modeling jobs, TVCs and Print jobs, some of which are still running like Mastercard, Yomi Casual, Femi Toys, Lipton, e.t.c
His career as a VJ, kicked off in 2012 when he got offered the job of anchoring the Hit Music Entertainment show MUSIC n Vibes by Elvis Chucks and Ekene Mekwunye. He still anchors Music and Vibes in Nigeria and the Afro Pop Mix Show in Canada.
Baaj believes his attitude to work makes him standout as an Actor and Model, apart from his obvious physical attributes, he puts 100% and grossly believes in the idea of working hard and smart, always ready , willing to work, always wanting experience and learning as much as he can, which goes a long way in giving him an edge in this very competitive industry.
His special skills involves: Playing sports like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Handball, and Swimming. He is very Athletic and physical fit, he also has excellent communication and people skills, he also has a decent singing voice.
He loves to play video games,watch movies, listen to music and he loves to watch various kinds of sports.
Baaj Adebule is a very hardworking free spirited young man whose love for the arts especially 'acting' means more to him than fame and money, he says acting is his LIFE, this can be seen and felt through how deep an actor he has become over the years.
Baaj is fast becoming a regular face in our TV Screens, so get use to his handsome face and name. Wink.
You can find him on Facebook via: https://www.facebook.com/baajadebule
Follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @BaajAdebule

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