Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Meet 'Team Definition' they have AWESOME voices that will BLOW your mind!!!

'Classic Covers' is a musical ensemble of vocalists and instrumentalists. 'Classic Covers' is the creative platform for the remark of what many have come to appreciate as Song Classics. To state it modestly, their speciality is rendering timeless, evergreen classic songs to international standard and the do with the intent and purpose setting the right mood for the event. They claim to have some of the most unique and refined voices you could ever come across and they render the songs to amazing perfection.

The group is made up of 8 professionals, highly talented singers that blend their gifts to produce some of the  best songs you have ever heard. The team is made up of Ayeesha, Eden, Jodeen, Belle, Iyanu, Abai, Zacs and Goodness and they are called 'Team Definition' signed to Definition Studios.
They have performed in Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Togo and Sierra Leone. They provide their services at special events, wedding, birthdays, AGM's, Luncheons, Award Ceremonies, e.t.c.
They promise you an unforgettable experience. Listen to some of their recorded performance and i bet you will call them immediately for your next event...Remember to thank me...Wink
Call Eloyi Soneye on 08051558227, 08143123444 or Gbenga Zacchaeus on 08060312500, 08026177005.
Listen and Watch a Video Below:

Tell Him [Classic Covers] from Definition Studios on Vimeo.

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