Thursday, 26 March 2015

Etisalat Integrates with dobox to offer Data Free Downloads

In collaboration with Etisalat Nigeria, dobox has successfully launched its download solution for Music Videos, Trailers, Comedy Skits, Short Films, TV Series and Full Length Movies called Etisalatdobox
Did you ever wish downloads of your favorite videos on your mobile device at NO DATA COST?
Etisalatdobox presents a value conscious way to enjoy video content on your phone. Download Music Videos, Trailers, Comedy Skits, and more on mobile devices without any data deduction. Download and own great video content in five easy steps.


  1. Log on to or or get the app for Android, IOS and Blackberry.
  2. Sign in or register (first time users)
  3. select a music video,, trailer, comedy skit or any preferred content.
  4. Click the Download button beneath your chosen video.
  5. Click on the Etisalat Download button and Confirm

Download cost is deducted from your Airtime (see cost in table below). Your mobile network data remains intact.
Why choose EtisalatDobox

The Etisalatdobox download solution is bespoke for all devices and can be accessed via its custom made WAP site, Mobile Site, and the App.

Etisalatdobox WAP Site
Great news for WAP users! dobox has a custom version of the entertainment portal for basic Java and Series 40 devices. Just log on to and enjoy unlimited music videos and trailers.

Etisalatdobox Mobile Site
With the Mobile site, Etisalat subscribers can access and DOWNLOAD their favorite music videos, movie trailers, short films and TV series onto their devices(s) seamlessly.

Etisalat Dobox App
The Etisalatdobox app allows users unlimited access to music videos, trailers and more including downloading premium content on the app with ease.

Benefit of Etisalatdobox
Download (Music Videos, Trailers, Short Films, Comedy Skits, & Full Length Movies, e.t.c) with Etisalatdobox are at NO DATA COST.

  • Super-Fast Downloads for all devices (Including Series 40, Nokia, Samsung, Asha, and Androids)
  • Access Etisalat dobox on Mobile and WAP enabled devices.
  • Dynamic Search Option
  • Latest Movies Trailers
  • Fresh Music Videos
  • Best of TV Series
  • Quality Short Films
  • Hilarious Comedy Skits
  • Lots of Behind the Scenes, Shows and more.

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