Wednesday, 11 March 2015

New Video Alert: My Vote by Seven Voices One Nation

As a member of civil society, our voice remains our most vibrant and effective means of engagement. Nothing can stand against the voice of the people, and history has proven time and again, that when people come together and raise their voices for a common cause, changes can and do happen.
As Nigeria inches closer to an election which has been dubbed the 'Most Closely contested' since June 12 by observers worldwide, the nation is torn asunder by religion, tribe, ethnicity party differences, and even loyalty to political god-fathers. The discord is our nation Nigeria rings with every bomb that goes of in the north eastern part of the country, it rings, in the silent, yet persistent agitation of the Biafrans, who have not yet forgotten, It rings, in those rumors of weapons movement in the tiger Delta, in the threats issued by leaders of different militant factions...We have stretched our human endurance to the limits, and torn each other apart, we have reached a critical crescendo as a people.

At this critical point in our nation's history. What faces Nigerians is not a choice between two candidates, it is not even a choice between political parties, it is a choice between anarchy and peace, unity and discord, love and hate, forgiveness and bitterness, hope and despair, the future or the past...Its a choice between preserving Nigeria, and destroying Nigeria.
History Shall Label us Cowards if we abandon the solemn call to build a nation of ours, a nation we can all be proud of, but our generation, this brave generation of ours, will not fail our fathers, nor our children, unborn, a thousand years hence.
Indeed, nations are not built upon stones and geographical formations, but upon shared ideas, upon common dreams and aspirations. It is the task of leadership to capture these for the people, in order to create a true sense of belonging and foster unity among the people. The Nigeria dream, that ideal nation, which we all desire, is possible, and it begins with our commitment to getting there, not as political parties, or representatives of our respective tribes and religions, but as one united people.
With #MyVote, we re-affirm that power belongs to the people, we re-assert the power of the voice, and reclaim our ownership of our franchise, our power to choose our leaders through a free process, without blackmail or propaganda. We are raising the awareness of young people, about the power of their votes to shape the future, and we are emphasizing the need to preserve the unity of Nigeria regardless of what happens come March 28. We are raising our voices in solidarity, with millions of Nigerians across the world, who want this nation to stay together in peace.
The Film, a poem, is performed by Seven Voice Artistes known ad Seven Voice One Nation, with each voice reflecting a different segment of the Nigerian voting populace. Our choice of poetry as a medium stems from pure passion for the art, and the fact that poetry is as an art form is increasingly gaining acceptance among young people as a medium for creative expression.
Written, Produced and Directed by Tchidi Jacobs, The Cast includes: Olufemi Adu, Godswill Urombo, Theadus Ibe, Damilola Aina, Uche Uwadinachi and Tchidi Jacobs.
Watch the Video Below:

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