Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Meet Michael Uchegbu an Actor whose Flexibility, Versatility and Dexterity of the Art is second to none

Michael Uchegbu is an Actor, Broadcaster, Voice over Artiste and Aspiring Director. He holds a Masters degree in International Law and Diplomacy from the University of Lagos and a B.SC in Political Science from Caritas University Enugu and a Certificate in Directing and Filmmaking from Delyork and a Certificate in Acting from PEFTI.
His professional acting career kicked off in 2009 when he had his acting debut in Wale Adenuga Production's sitcom 'Papa Ajasco'. The ride wasn't a smooth one and that was when he joined the Broadcast media as a Newscaster and Reporter with Galaxy TV from 2009 - 2011. He bounced back into acting in 2012 when he landed a lead role in  Ugo Maduka's 'Four Crooks and a Rookie' the movie got him a lot of international recognition and numerous fans following the release on Iroko TV in December 2013, after that he featured in MNET sitcom 'The Johnsons'. He has since been acting full time and has featured in several movies and TV Series like: Nectar, When you Die, Finishing Strong, Desperate housewives Africa, Tales of Eve 5, Taste of love, Heartbreaker, Ruse, How to be Lola's husband, Thirties (30), The Prodigal, So Wrong So Wright, Freezing Point, e.t.c.
Micheal says his inspiration was born out of passion for the art, he admired and closely observed a lot of foreign actors and developed full interest in pursuing it as a career and he knew he had the talent due to the remarks he gets while acting in Church programs, University competitions, e.t.c
Micheal believes he stands out because of his stature, body language, his voice, easy adaptability skills, his manner of role interpretation, his versatility and dexterity.
He loves to watch movies, studying acting notes, voicing and playing basketball.
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Micheal Uchegbu


  1. Nice....he is a really great actor...I hope he grows bigger soon!!!!

  2. Ur a very good actor bro... Wishing u greatness n' continuous success. Keep it up

  3. Hi Michael, how can I get the Nectar series?