Thursday, 6 August 2015

New Trailer Alert: The Derwin First Shot Initiative's 'Mrs & Mrs Johnson'

The Derwin First Shot Initiative releases the trailer for the first movie 'Mrs and Mrs Johnson'.
The DFSI is an NGO set up to give young men and women their first shot at shooting their first feature films by providing the funding required for it.
Alexandra Kura'ave Hul has produced two short films that did very well in film festivals, she is the lucky first beneficial of the Derwin First Shot Initiative, she directed her first feature film 'Mrs & Mrs Johnson.
Produced by Grace Edwin Okon (The initiator of The Derwin First Shot Initiative), Directed by Alexandra Hul, it stars Kiki Omeili, Lord Frank, Tunbosun Aiyedehin, Beverly Osu, Kunle Oluwaremi, e.t.c
'Mrs & Mrs Johnson' is an urban drama with a slight comic hues, which journeys through the rude awakening that shakes the world of two women both names Mrs. Johnson, under a very unusual circumstance.
Watch the Trailer below:

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