Thursday, 5 November 2015

New Trailer Alert: Meg Otanwa's short film 'Sacrifice'

Nollywood actress Meg Otanwa is set to release a short film titled 'Sacrifice'. The short film was created and shot during the Ebola crisis in memory of the healthcare workers who will never be forgotten.
The producer and writer Meg Otanwa, says she got inspired to write and produce this short film because her sister is also a nurse, she was really worried and also how she saw them selflessly doing their job as she was also a volunteer during the outbreak too, so she made this shortfilm using the life of the nurse who was engaged to be married but got infected after caring for an Ebola patient.
The movie starred Meg Otanwa, Shawn Faqua, Ijeoma Agu Oriahi, Rita Edward, Leelee Byoma, Richard Brutus, Racheal Isaac and Theresa Dickson.
It was directed by Didi Cheeka.
The movie was shot in 2014 amidst the epidemic to honour every health worker that lost their lives and celebrate all of their for their heroic selfless sacrifice that saved the nation from what could have been the worse virus epidemic in the history of the Country.
Watch the trailer below:


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