Friday, 6 November 2015

New TV Series Alert: Mike Nliam's 'Akpos'

A new hilarious comedy series titled 'Akpos & Company' just hit TV screens across the country. The comedy series, which deals on everyday life of the middle class in Nigeria, is set to redefine comedy business in contemporary Nigeria.
Akpos is a young lad, who believes in himself and his youthful exuberance often puts him in conflicts with his father, old solder, a disciplinarian but Akpos finds comfort in his mother, Lovinna. The comedy is laced with humour and moral lessons for the young and old.
According to the producer, Mike Nliam, the family drama is about everyday life. 'It shows Akpos honesty and stupidity, old Soldier's hilarious and rigidity, Lovina's obsession with money, Ajaka's loyalty to alcohol, Emma's deceitful drive to be ahead in life and Jane's love for attention' He said.
The director, Abey Esho, who described the series said, 'Akpos is a global fictional story. What we try to do is to bring Akpos to life. Akpos is a comedy that all family members will love to watch and laugh and identify with. 'I've always wanted to do something on TV after working on Heaven's Gate and Oasis. Okapis & Company talks about youthful exuberance and the challenge of a young male child' he said.
The family dram features notable faces such as Florence Onuma as Lovinna, Jerry Onwordi aka Baba Nothing Spoil as Ajaka, Eliel Etete as Old Soldier, Mario Davidson Omasoro as Akpos, Adaeze Jacqueline-Ajah as Ada and Wilson Irabor Brown as Goddy.
You can catch new Episodes every;
Saturday: STV by 12pm  , Galaxy TV by 8pm.
Sunday: NTA Kaduna by 6pm, NTA Kano by 6pm and
Tuesday: Galaxy by 8pm.


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