Monday, 11 January 2016

New Movie Alert: Desmond Utomwen's 'Shared'

After a successful outing with the Award winning movie 'ZYRA', Film director, Douglas Enogieru and content creator cum Chief Executive of Icons and Legends Communications Limited, Desmond Utomwen are out with another blockbuster flick titled 'SHARED'.
The movie, which depicts a complicated but thrilling story of fate, passion and love, is presented in an intriguing, emotional and suspense filled narration. It has among the casts: Fiona Garba, Leo B Okwese, Esther Michaels, Anita Utomwen, Okwese Og-Obas and Adesuwa Osuyi (Making her official Acting debut) all dazzling in their artistic interpretation of the roles.
The new film produced by Desmond Utomwen for Icons & Legends Communications Limited and Directed by Douglas Enogieru was shot in the Country's Capital of Abuja. On hand to deliver a classy picture quality is renowned cinematographer: Shalom Chiki Uyi Enabulele, while the screenplay was done by Benjamin Bitrus Gbamanayi with Leo B Okwese bringing in a Midas touch in editing/visual effects.
In the words of the producer: 'One bad egg spoils the rest, a good one truly nourishes'. And so it was in the life of Nzefili Daniels, a young man, who in the line of duty got entangled with a sour taste and twisted emotion with Osarugue Douglas. In the mix is a grandmother living up to the responsibility of educating her grandchild on the complicated world of men.
Watch the teaser below:

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