Friday, 29 January 2016

New Trailer Alert: Ehizojie Ojesebholo's 'Jimi Bendel'

JIMI BENDEL IS BACK!!! A New Nollywood action comedy by Ceroms Media Productions, Story by Ehizojie Ojesebholo,  Screenplay by Ehizojie Ojesebholo, Ibironke Ojesebholo, Ogechi Nwobia and Leigh Oakley, Produced by Ibironke Ojesebholo, Directed by Ehizojie Ojesebholo, It stars Ehizojie Ojesebholo, Kiki Omeili, Ijeoma Agu, OG Nelson, Seun Kentebe, Gregory Ojefua, e.t.c
After the adventures of JAND HUSTLE, Jimi Bendel returns to Nigeria from London, with a car as birthday present for his mother.
Unfortunately, the car is stolen before he can present it to her. Now, armed with scotland Yard Metropolitan Police training, Jimi Bendel is on a mission to find the stolen car, break a deadly all female gang of armed robbers in Lagos, and return in time for his mother's birthday party.