Tuesday, 30 April 2013

GAME a crazy hot new TV Sitcom hitting your TV soone...Watch out

GAME is a new TV Sitcom that would be hitting your TV soon. Produced by Nonso Ike aka Dr.Radio and Solito, Directed by Emmanuel Anyaka, Executive producer Emmanuel Cole, featuring Moc Madu, Nonso Ike, Henry Ekere, Naya Amaobi, Tracy  Umazi, Doris Godwin, Princess Frederick, and special appearance from SolidStar and a host of others.
The story is about a young man named Drake who leaves a fake life full of lies, and also deceiving people. He lives with two flat mates Steve who is an artist played by Henry Naya and Desmond a banked played by Moc Madu. The Game began when the flatmates got involved with women and lies became the order of the day with Drame being the GAME master.
Watch out for the GAME hitting your Television soon and it promises to get you glued to your tv set...

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