Sunday, 21 April 2013

THE STEEL BANKERESS a Novel that will make you love reading all over again...

The Steel Bankeress is a new novel that has been making raves since it hit the shelves and has gotten incredibly good reviews from critics and readers. It is a first of its kind.
It tells a story about the trails, challenges, office politics experiences by certain female marketers in a bank that want to climb the career ladder by any means.
The lustful ambition, the exploitation both sexual and corporate, the intense competition borne out of a desperate desire to remain on top is the story of THE STEEL BANKERESS.
There are different ways to describe the female marketers that work in a bank, if you are on the receiving end and can't meet the required target it will feel like trying to remove a tumor under the armpit. However if you are the client not the cheap struggling one but cheap in the sense of the one that has the CHEAP FUNDS, you can watch your marketers hover round you like a corporate maid as you pull at those invisible chains that have made you her lord and master!
But these marketers actually have different tales to tell as they also have different homes from where they leave each morning; they also have the dreams of freedom which conflict with the painful nightmares of eternal darkness.
Pamela is portrayed as the typical ruthless boss who runs her branch with hands of steel and her staff with mental whips. She desperately desires to be elevated to the position of Business Development Manager.
Three other main characters of the novel includes; former contemporaries now Pamela's subordinates, the weak minded Racheal who is Pamela's deputy and toot pick. Like the proverbial sheep that devours the faeces of the dog it follows around. She is desperate to succeed Pamela. The third character is the heavily pregnant but stubborn Enitan who is Pamela's major headache. It is the fourth character, Pamela's protege, the pretty and vivacious Adeola a relatively junior staff in the branch but by virtue of being a marketing staff, she is the one who could jeopardize Racheal's ambition of succeeding Pamela.
The fifth character is Dr. Mayowa who struggles to push through a medical business proposal. She eventually finds her way to Foundation Bank and causes serious havoc in the professional and personal lives of the other characters.
It is a story that will evoke strong feelings as the reader will be torn by strong emotions for all the characters.
Kenechukwu Ezeonyejiaku of The Guardian Newspaper describes the novel as 'A Revealing new Novel, a story of the unsavory details of the modern day slavery in Banking'...
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