Friday, 12 April 2013

Meet Caesar talented Nigerian Actor and Rap artiste that will give any A-list a run for their money...

Caesar Ume-Ezeoke is a Nigerian Actor, Rap artiste and Model. He hails from Anambra State, Nigeria, born to a pure Nigerian father and Mixed race mother from Barbados/Nigerian. He spent the first 7yrs of his life in the UK. He holds a degree in Law from the University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos. Nigeria.
He started break dancing as a child in Jos, Nigeria where he won several dance battles. His family relocated to Lagos in 1996. He met with award winning Nigerian Artiste and Music Producer, Eldee the Don who offered him the opportunity to be signed under the then Trybe Records after hearing him freestyle on several beats.
He won several freestyle battles on campus, performed on many shows and went on to record a single 'My Cutie' which became rhythm song of the year in four different states in Nigeria. In 2004 he recorded with freestyle of Trybesmen.
He produced and presented a Tv show called 'Media Cruise' starring Nigerian A-list artiste at the time in Abuja and also produced and co-hosted with Gideon Okeke of Big Brother Nigeria and Tinsel another Tv show in the East called E-base.
Caesar set up a production outfit called Royal Empire Entertainment with studios in Abuja and the East.
He delved into acting in 2012 and has since featured in a lot of movies and soaps like Storm, Bad Brilliance, Four crooks and a Rookie, The Agent, Lekki Wives, The Johnsons, Bella's Place, B430...just to mention but a few...
He loves to write, bodybuild, play basketball and draw. Caesar is an easy going but firm person, he is fun loving but purpose driven. He knows his worth and onions and doesn't settle for less, he is a very disciplined and positive minded individual, always ready to dig deep and give his best not leaving his well toned and handsome looks to do all the work for him, he is respectful, humble and always stays out of trouble by keeping himself busy improving himself and focusing on the journey to stardom ahead of him...
Below is a video he made himself rendering and awesome and banging freestyle by sampling various beats...Enjoy

Caesar Ume-Ezeoke


  1. Ceasar is a hight flyer! Best recognise

  2. This guy is fine! I want his body lol nice one keep it up give all those nollywood actors a run for there money