Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Meet RITA EDWARD an actor that blows the mind of her viewers with her Believable and Impeccable Delivery...

Rita Edward is an Actor. She hails from Delta State, Nigeria. She is presently studying English at the Lagos State University, LASU, Lagos State.
Her first experience as an actor came when she auditioned and got a role to feature in 'Aina' a short film produced and directed by Olamide Maarore  and a short film titled 'Nkiru' by 37th State, Directed by Bolaji Kekere Ekun. After these two movies she felt she wasn't ready for the entertainment industry and ran back to the hospitality industry where she was previously employed.
In 2012  she quit her job and enrolled for a course in Broadcasting at the renowned broadcasting institution, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria. (F.R.C.N), focusing on media while still struggling with the unquenchable taste to go back to acting, with several push and encouragements
from her sister and talented actor , Ijeoma Agu.
Since then her talents has been creating ways for her, and she has been involved in both TV series, Movies and Stage Plays. She was part of Karma, V-Monologues, Misfit, AKE Festival, The secret lives of Baba Segi's Wives, just to mention but a few...
I first saw Rita Edward when i went for the premier of MISFIT' produced by House 5 Productions and directed by Daniel Oriahi. At the end of the movie i almost screamed 'Who is this Rita Girl'? She was absolutely AWESOME, OUTSTANDING and BELIEVABLE!!! I didn't believe she was acting felt it was a village girl the director casted because she was too good to be true but then i realised she speaks impeccable English and i had to duff my hat for her!!!
She describes herself as a cocktail of characters depending on the situation, she is easy to get along with, make the most of any situations, tries to concentrate and become the character she is playing, she is very focused, positive minded, calm, loves doing what she does and always do it to the best of her ability, she takes to corrections and uses it to sharpen her craft. watch out for this one because her talent will sure take her places...
You can reach this talented actor on Facebook via: https://www.facebook.com/ritz247
Twitter Handle: @ritzmisan 

Rita Edward


  1. Grace Uwa Folorunso14 January 2014 at 06:22

    Am not surprised seeing Rita Edward going this far.She's some1 I no dat never give up on her dreams.She's good at what she does.Most importantly,Rita is a friend that sticks both in the good N bad times.Love u gurlfriend

  2. She is a bundle of talents,trust me yu aint see notin yet!!!

  3. She Is Too Blessed To Be Stressed

  4. From wat I know abt Ritz...this isn't gonna b ur last article on her...she's on fire!!!

  5. HMM wonderful! Great profile. Cheers