Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The hilarious web series APROKO 101 Coming to your TV Screens sooooooooooon...

The hilarious web series APROKO 101 is coming to your TV screens soon. Created and Directed by Kayode Kasum, Written by Adelarin Awotedu and Staring Promise Williams, Bayo Ashalejo and Akin Brown.
The series revolves round 3 male main characters, Fred, Piro and Tboi, each episode delves into different issues in our society so it is both entertaining and educative.
Produced by I Talk to Myself Entertainment in Partnership with 9flix.com a new web channel
owned by Aliyu Daku.
The producers are working towards making the compete 13 episodes available on DVD, and will be on AMC on Startimes Cabel every Saturdays AT 6.30PM. Believe me when i say it will crack you up big time, very very very very funnnnnnnnnnnnny series...
Below is the Trailer...

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