Wednesday, 5 March 2014

JAB Next Rated Nollywood Star...SYLVYA OLUCHY

JAB (JudithAuduBlog) Next Rated Nollywood Star : Sylvya Oluchy.


She is a multiple awarding winning actress. She is a Nigerian from Anambra State, born and raised in FCT. Abuja. A Theatre Arts graduate from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. She has proven she can take on any role and do justice to it, she is fierce and outstanding when it comes to making a character believable, which explains all the awards she has won so far, Sylvya Oluchy is JAB's Next Rated Nollywood Star.
Her journey into the industry began after her Mother told her 'Acting will fit her' because she always returns from school and mimic her teachers with different voices, doing a lot of role playing for her Mum was what prompted the her to advise her daughter to follow the path of what she has become today and she has never looked back ever since.
She believes her secret to success is a combination of all her attributes such as being spontaneous, daring, fearless, deep as an actor, open minded, loves to laugh, adventurous, witty and she is a good conversationalist.
JAB presents you an actor that have her eyes glued to the prize at the top where she belongs and she will be around for a very very very long time...Sylvya Oluchy for you...

PROFESSION: Actor, Model and Entrepreneur.
FILMOGRAPHY: Being Mrs Elliot, Lekki Wives season 2, Alan Poza, On Bended Knees, Bent Arrows, Finding Love, Death Spiral, The Flatmate, Facade, Happy Family season 4, Secrets and Scandals Season 5, e.t.c
SKILLS: Skating, Driving, Swimming, Yoga and Aerobics instructor, Script Writing, Dancing and Singing.
HOBBIES: Reading, Travelling, Stuffed Animal Collector, Watching Movies, Listening to Music and having a good conversation.
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Igbo, Pidgin English.
TWITTER HANDLE: @Sylvyaoluchy


  1. Nice 1 Judith, Sylvia is indeed a face to look out for

  2. Nice. She's got it in her