Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Meet Kemi Michaels an Actor ready to learn and go the extra mile to prove she loves ACTING...

Kemi Michaels is an Actor and Model. She hails from Oyo State, Nigeria. She is an undergraduate of Plant Physiology at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State. She holds a degree in Acting from the Royal Arts Academy, Lagos.
She has been a model for a while and has always wanted to be an actor but because she doesn't want it to affect her school especially because she doesn't school in Lagos and may have to shuttle Abeokuta and wherever the location is, was the reason why she has been slow in making a move, but that ideology changed in 2011, when she heard Tinsel
was holding an audition and she traveled down to attend but couldn't make the callback due to school, that year during her school break she enrolled at the Emem Isong's Acting School, Royal Arts Academy where she learnt a lot about the rudiments of acting
She has featured in Family Ties, Nowhere to be found, Dreams, Tales of Eve, Marriage Counsellor, Valour, Cyanide, Kilometer 17, Yes I'don't, just to mention but a few...
She designs and does stunts. She strives to top her best performance and be better than what others are comfortable with. She calls herself a Rock because nothing easily gets her down.
She loves to dance, read, sing and sketch. She believes acting is wonderful because you can affect people positively and being able to tell other people's story is an awesome feeling.
Kemi believes she stands out because she is original, strong, talented, unique, creative, honest, attentive, hardworking, persistent and professional.
Look out for this slow silent one, she just might pop out right in front of you...
You can find her on facebook via - https://www.facebook.com/kemi.michaels
Twitter Handle- @blazingeyes00 
Below is a video from a silent short film that featured She and Tope Tedela titled Cyanide...

Kemi Michaels


  1. This is awesome. You are awesome. More power to you grace. I am really proud of u.

  2. You are so beautiful

  3. You Go Gal. The Sky is just but your Starting Point.

  4. Hmm! Kemi Dear.
    Now I'd begin to watch home videos but, just the ones you feature in.
    Abi na, I must support Ore mi