Thursday, 27 November 2014

Meet Alexa Ehi, a beautiful actor with an exquisite niche at interpreting roles

Alexa Ehi is an Actor. She hails from Edo State. A French graduate from the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma and also holds a Diploma in Method Acting from Amaka Igwe School of Arts, Lagos.
When she realized she has passion for acting, she started attending acting audition and taking acting classes. She then attended an acting school to further groom herself as an actor.
In 2011, she got her first screen role in a TV Series 'Dear Mother' same year she participated in a reality show called ;Next Movie Star'. She has since been part of several TV series and movies like: Dear Mother, Burning Spears, Living Close to You, Dilemma, King of Shitta, Just the Two of Us, Crack in the Wall, Treading Places, Nectar, e.t.c.

Alexa is an actor that is spirited, versatile, daring and she always brings something extra to the table. Her craft has been gracefully tuned from self disciplined, intelligence and humility.
She hopes to become versatile and dynamic international actor with outstanding skills at interpreting given roles perfectly, and a strong force to be reckoned with internationally.
Alexa is a beautiful strong lady, an embodiment of a typical woman, industrious, skillful, smart, bold, well put together, graceful, detailed and she describes herself as the next cold drink in the desert in the entertainment world as she brings the imaginary world of art to perfect reality in her character analysis.
Her hobbies includes Singing (she is set to release a single in December titled 'Make the World a Better Place) and exercising her culinary skills.
Special Skills: Violinist added to her bundle of skills
Languages Spoke: French, Edo and English
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