Monday, 10 November 2014

Meet Folasade Abimbola, a young Vivacious Actor and Budding Entrepreneur

Folasade Abimbola is a Nigerian Actor. She hails from Epe, Lagos State. She has a Theatre Arts Graduate from the Lagos State University, Lagos.
She said her dream to be an actor has been on since she was a child. When she was a child like lots of other children, she did a lot of role play with her friends, at home and in school which was her first contact with acting. When she started watching TV, everything happening in it was very fascinating to her and she felt captivated by the TV dramas, she enjoyed how people could 'act' as people they were not, the way their acting made people feel certain emotions even  while these people knew the 'actors' were pretending. At the end of her primary school she made up her mind that she was going to be an actor and she started acting in her Church and gained admission to study it in the University.
In 2001 while still in Secondary School she had the opportunity to be a part of UNESCO project on Modern Slavery, directed by some of her teachers and it featured 2 notable Nollywood actors. In 2006, she featured in her first professional job after she got casted in a TV Sitcom titled Kamsons and Neighbors by Rockview Productions.

She has been part of several production both on stage and screen, they include; Closed, Where does Beauty Go, Superstar Me, Sons and Daughters, Kurunmi, Play 2010, We will Live, Burn, Mixed Feelings, The Valley Between, Kamson's & Neighbors, Girls Quarters, Infinity Hospital, Still in Bondage, just to mention but a few.
Folasade is a very hardworking lady, driven determined, opinionated, talented, smart, dogged, fashionable, petite but a strong no nonsense lady so don't be deceived by her looks.
This young vivacious actor is also a fitness enthusiast, lover of life and workaholic says she stands out as an actor because of her truthfulness to the different characters she plays.
Radio Drama: Shuga Radio 1.
Languages Spoken: English and Yoruba
Hobbies: Crossword Puzzel, Watching Movies, Swimming, Singing, Dancing, Dressing Up, e.t.c.
Special Skills: She sews and design cloths.
You can contact her on Facebook Via:
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Watch the teaser of a short film she featured in, Closed doors by Emma Uduma:

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