Monday, 25 May 2015

Meet Ekemini Nankere, an Actor that is well equipped to do justice to all her Roles

Ekemini Nankere is a Nigerian Actor, Model, Presenter and Entrepreneur. She hails from Akwa Ibom State and has a degree in History and International Relations from the Lagos State University, Lagos.
Ekemini says while growing up she had always  wanted to study Mass Communications and she nursed the dream of becoming a News caster some day but ended up studying History and International Relations. After school it was a long wait to obtain her degree and she claimed people always take her for an actress and mistaking her for someone else and an event occurred one day that just made her decide to take it up as a career, She said she went into an Eko Bank and a staff came up to her and screamed 'wow1 so nice to meet you, you are a screen goddess, i love all your programs...' and more and more people kept on saying she will make a very good TV personality.
She delved into it in 2011, but wasn't consistent until 2013 when she got her first big role in Wale Adenuga's This Life titled Amenze and since then she didn't look back! She has since featured in several TV Series and movies like: Newman Street, This Life, Super Story, Desperate Singles, The Prince, Clinic Matters, So Wrong So Write, Desperate Housewives Africa, e.t.c
She says she stands out because as an actor her delivery, her aura, her voice, her smile is unique and that she has this presence anywhere she walks into, she always capture the attention of everyone, she insists that there is something about her smile.
Ekemini Nankere is God fearing, smart, brilliant, determined, hardworking, friendly and Principled. She derives pleasure and great joy when she is on set acting, always striving to go out of her way in order to interpret whatever role given to her, she loves to work with extremely creative directors that would take her to the next level in her career.
She loves to dance, sing, travel and watch movies.
Special Skills: Fashion Designing, great with colors and a good cook.
You can find Ekemini Nankere on Facebook:
Follow her on Twitter: @kemini11
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Ekemini Nankere

Ekemini Nankere

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