Thursday, 21 May 2015

New Trailer Alert: KC Ejelonu's 'THE WEIGHT'

Gladys Productions releases the trailer for her new production titled 'The Weight'. It is a short film that is 5mins long, Written and Produced by KC Ejelonu, Directed by Ejiro Onobrakpor.
'The Weight' is a short film that reflects on the choices made by Nkechi, a young lady who did everything to give her family and herself a better life. The consequences she had to live life, the choices we make, wether for a good course or not has its consequences.
The weight was filmed in Lagos, Nigeria. KC Ejelonu who played who wrote that produced the short film and played The lead character, is a Nigerian Actor known for her role in Tales of Eve, A new You, Nowhere to be found, Tromper and many more.
Watch the Trailer Below:


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