Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Meet Tomiwa Kukoyi, an Actor that doesn't only Entertain but Blows your mind with his Role Interpretation

Tomiwa Kukoyi popularly known as TomiwaSage is a Nigerian Actor, TV Host, Stand-Up Comedian, Master of Ceremonies (MC), Writer and Blogger. A Theatre Arts graduate from the University of Ibadan, He hails from Ogun State.
Tomiwa said as a child, his Grand Mother would always sit them around her and tell them tales most especially tales about their village, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State and she will make him play several characters, this grew with him and whenever there were events in his primary School. he always took part in acting do funny skits or sing. In high school it grew even deeper, and his High School's Curriculum was topnotch and they won a lot of national and International Trophies in Acting, Debates and Quiz, it made him a star in High School along with the popular Nigerian Child Actor in the 90s Peter Bunor Jnr, when it came to choosing a course to study at the University he went straight up to study Theatre Arts.
Tomiwa started his professional acting career in  2007, when his Lecturer, Dr. Tunde Awosanmi introduced them into professional acting and they played parts in plays that toured the Country like the Chams Theatre Series. During the 10th Year Anniversary of Bayelsa State, they performed a stage play 'Ozidi' directed by Prof. Femi Osofisan and Produced by JP Clarke.
Tomiwa is a versatile artist, he was the 1st Runner Up of the Next Movie Star in 2011 his profile stems from a body of consistent performance at different  Elite, Corporate and Comedy Shows/events to Movie and Stage production. In 2012 he performed Muta Baroka's 'Dis Poem' at the Campaign Launch of '1 Billion Reason To Believe in Africa' by Coca Cola in 2012.
He has since featured in Zone222, Kopa, This Life, Tales of Eve, This House is not for Sale, Osunfunke, Sarahology, Awoyaju, Boseje, Somewhere along the Line. A Day with Death, Wages, Tinsel, D8, Omo Jagba, Omo Jagba, just to mention but a few. He has hosted two Television program namely: Fun Zone, The Scoop, e.t.c
When asked why he stands out as an Actor, Tomiwa says believes every actor has his turf, strong characteristic, some their voices, some their bodies and others their ability to play someone else, he says most of the Directors he has been opportune to work with said they like  his acting because its crude in his expressions and he pays no consciousness to keeping his handsome face intact but always breaks himself to giving his absolute best to every character he plays.
He writes Short plays and Short Stories, his blog
TomiwaSage is a very attentive actor that believes in studying his script 100% and finds several ways to play a role, he is a very disciplined, hardworking and focused Actor, there is never a boring moment with him but he never jokes with his work as he always makes sure he delivers and gives an amazing performance everytime.
He is a foodie, he loves to Travel, read, listening to music, dancing and rapping.
He says the idea that an action from him can explain words, or an idea, acting is a powerful tool
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Tomiwa Kukoyi

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