Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The highly anticipated Nigerian TV Series EMERALD finally on air...

The long awaited TV series that promises to redefine television with a powerful story, perfect cast, wonderful and dedicated crew, a proudly Nigerian production that is made with international standard and which will appeal to every strata of the viewing public is set to premier on TV nationwide from Wednesday, the 17th of July 2013. It is produced by SevenSeries Limited, a TV content production and distribution company, in conjuction with FirstTV Studios, Emerald will air on AIT Network every Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm and NTA Network at 10pm every Friday.
This amazing series was shot in full HD format, Emerald Season 1 is a mix of all issues that affects Nigerians in their daily interactions. The different characters paraded by Emerald will inspire the viewers as he or she identifies with them through their pains, suffering and joyful moments. The story explores the age-long truth that when it comes to emotions, the barrier of status, whether rich, middle class or poor, is broken down. The setting of the drama is in West Africa and the cast parades some of the best actors in Nigeria, both established and budding. They include: Kunle Bamtefa, Carol King, Joseph Benjamin, Femi Branch, Lilian Esoro, Bayray McWizu, David Ogbue, Saeed Mohammed, Tamara Eteimo, Sumbo Oladipo, Felix Jnr. Omokhodion, Hannah Ojo, Mary Lazarus, David McKenzie, Judith Audu , Ifu Iheme and so many other fantastic actors.
Two young creative impeccable dedicated and deep Directors, John Njamah and Tope Alake made sure the casts delivered their best, and broke several normal norms to achieve the perfect or near perfect picture the series is to project.
According to the producers, the motivation behind Emerald is to put Nigeria back in the global drama space, and so, careful attention has been paid in selecting the storyline, cast, crew, studio setting, locations and equipment, to ensure top-notch production quality.
The Executive Producer, Mr. Oladapo Ojo's mission is to deliver world-class drama executed with strong local relevance and content to excite the Nigerian TV audience. Ojo, who boasts of over 20 years in television production, didn't compromise at all in his drive to achieve a standard and quality production that is why he made sure he employed the best hands. He is very passionate about this project and went the extra mile to actualize it against every odds and obstacle that would have discouraged anyone going into a project of this magnitude.
Yours sincerely, Moi. is a part of this wonderful project, am very proud of it with all thanks to the awesome cast, amazing crew and a production team that tried their best to make it all possible. Check the website out for more information - www.emeraldses.neriet , like on Facebook - www.facebook.com/emeraldseriestv  follow on Twitter - @Emeraldseries , Instagram - Emeraldseries
Make sure you make it a date every Wednesday and Thursday on AIT at 7.30pm  and NTA at 10pm on Fridays...Remember to thank me later...Wink.
Click on the link below to watch the Trailer for the series.

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