Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Important Notice to Every Cameroon Filmmaker

After the Meeting on Saturday, October 4th 2014, in Buea at Hotel Residence Carlos, Cameroon, where Filmmakers from all over Cameroon representing the various associations of Filmmakers of Cameroon. The members unanimously decided to merge the various associations to exist as a unique Cameroon Film Industry called Cameroon Film Industry Incorporation.
The filmmakers maintain that as from the day of the signing of the press release, there is just one Film industry in Cameroon for Filmmakers without any barrier, being language or ethnicity.
The members do promise to work as a team towards the promotion of the industry and its products a swell as to ensure sanity in the industry.
At the end of the meeting, all stakeholders decided to put hands on deck and work together as a unique association grouping movie makers from all over the Country as well as representatives in other parts of the world.
Members also took commitment to use all available media outlet including the social media to sensitise movie makers on the new decision to exist as one and indivisible association.

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