Thursday, 9 October 2014

Meet Paul Alumona an Outstanding Actor with Depth

Paul Morgan Alumona is a Performer. He is a Nigerian from Delta State. He is a graduate of English Language from the University of Lagos.
Paul says the fire in him as a performer was discovered by accident way back in Secondary School, a new literature teacher who happened to also be a theatre practitioner came up with the idea of staging one of their literature books 'The gods are not to Blame', after then his performance thrilled his teacher and other teachers and they encouraged him to take it serious that he is talented and he took to their words and has never regretted it ever since.
Paul Alumona

This unassuming gentleman has proven to be relevant in stage productions, screen (TV and Movies) and voice-over productions. His prominence in stage productions is overwhelming, hence, he has worked with various renowned production companies and performed within and outside the continent, they include: The King must Dance Naked (London); Obele and the Storyteller (Port Harcourt); Man Talk, Woman Talk; SARO the Musical; Castles in the Air; For the Love of our Country; Sizwe Banzi is Dead; Skazulu; Soyinka in the Eyes of Shakespeare; just to mention but a few. This of course has endeared some TV/Producers to him who have given him roles in Movies and TV series such as; Newman Street, Jude, Consenting Adults, The Awakening, Glass House, Footprints, e.t.c
This 'forever young' looking and loveable actor whose versatility has broken barriers in the entertainment industry says his sweet baritone voice which a lot of people say contradicts his stature has landed him jobs with various advertising and marketing agencies, one of which is the popular 'Life and Living' series for Bridge Clinic, 'Second Chance' for ARDA, where his voice was played predominantly.
His acting skills set him aside from his peers, he can assume any role convincingly, his deep voice and unassuming personality help him stand out from the crowd.
One thing that can never be waved off is his good sense of humour which obviously is responsible for his likeable personality. He loves originality; he admires beauty; he encourages professionalism; he loves food even though his body frame doesn't attest to it; he is an alumnus of the great Theatre 15 Unilag.
He loves to play football, dance, workout, watch movies and travel. Paul says for him 'Acting is his Daily Bread'
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  1. Who dash am gentleman?! *hehehehe* Super talented brother; keep soaring!

  2. He is a gentle man, a great listener and a phenomenal actor. Kudos friend.