Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New Trailer Alert: Valerie Udeh's Psychological Thriller Short Film 'DELIRIUM'

Talented young beautiful Nigerian Female Actor, Valerie Udeh, releases an Intriguing trailer for her short film title 'DELIRIUM'.
The short film 'Delirium' is a psychological and suspense filled thriller. It is about a fun filled night of rendezvous that turns into their worse nightmare when Elona (Racheal Emem Isaac) is found brutally murdered in the bedroom. Elona's murder becomes a hard nut to crack with her friends telling different stories of what happened to her and no trace of physical evidence is found on the victim. Elena's death remains a mystery.

Written and Produced by Valerie Udeh, Directed by Ben Shalom Joshua, starring: Alvan Udeh, Racheal Emem Isaac, Kolade Shasi, Valery Udeh, Seun Elvis Yaaduat, Adaeze Ajah and Hannah Ojo.
Watch the trailer below:


  1. I'm yet to watch the thriller, but the synopsis is quite interesting. Hoping to watch it soon! Keep it up Val.

  2. This is a must watch. Way to go Val! Fantastic! The suspense is Epic!

  3. Hey I just hate psychological thrillers. I can’t watch this type of films, I feel so scary after watching murders and fight in movies. I like drama and romantic kind of films, because they usually don’t have any