Monday 5 March 2012


What is life? Does this sound like a strange question to you? Of course we all know what is meant by the word "life", but how would you define it?
Do all living things move? Do they all eat and breathe? Even though we all seem to know what is meant by saying something is "alive", it's not very easy to describe what "life" is. It's almost as hard as describing where life came from!
what is our purpose? why are we here? Guess these questions always run through our head every now and then...Bet we all view it differently...To me there is more to life than just being alive, surviving and breathing.
Everyday we learn new things, sometimes we have an idea we have seen it all, done it all and then we realise we haven't seen nothing yet. The tougher life gets the more we learn, we try not to repeat our past mistakes and become stronger than we were before even when we feel we have seen the worse and life is over or even contemplate suicide! We find a new reason to live and fight to survive, make our mark and achieve our stated goals and find fulfilment in Life.
There is always a reason to want to live, to want to fight until our last breath, to want to give our all, to get self-motivated even in the most unlikeliest circumstances, to grab ourself up after falling down several times, to aim for the best even when the opportunities are not so available for us, to find a way even where there seem like there isn't any way.
Ways to wake up your spirit and get your groove back!!! Dont dull yourself for any reason...

  • Listen to music (this really works,choose the genre of music depending on your mood)
  • Go to the beach and have an alone time to communicate with nature,this will calm you down
  • Go to club, party and dance out your frustration and anger (lol)
  • Hang out with Friends and loved once and gist about other things apart from yourself
  • Pamper yourself and take yourself out and have a good time with YOU
  • Tell yourself positive things and be optimistic about Life
  • Get out there and fight for what you want with confidence and do what you have to do the One Best Way

Life is beautiful. 'La vie est belle' as my French friends would say. So love your life n make sure you live it to the fullest and live everyday like it is your last because Life is beautiful my friends...Sometimes we have just one shot at Life to live the way we want to,Aim wisely and hit your Target well.