Monday 29 June 2015

New Trailer Alert: Stanlee Ohikhuare's 'STUPID MOVIE'

Multi-Award winning Nigerian Filmmaker, Stanlee Ohikhuare releases a teaser for his highly anticipated movie 'STUPID MOVIE' with a Stupid Commentary!
Written, Produced and Directed by Stanlee Ohikhuare, The movie stars Kiki Omeili, Denrele Edun, Kelechi Udegbe, Gregory Ojefua, Daniel O. Daniel, Brutus Richard, Victor Nwaogu, Ayinde Ganiyu, Chinedu Ogumka, Bashiru Balogun, Femi Akeredolu, Comrade Oriyomi, Benbella, Christianah Abon, Bashiru Balogun,  Yetunde Taiwo, Isreal Akujor, John Ukpe, e.t.c

Saturday 27 June 2015

New Movie Alert: Yvonne Jegede's '3 Is Company'

Yvonne Jegede Productions's have announced that the romantic comedy movie '3 Is Company' will premiere on IrokoTV on the 2nd of July and on DVD from the 6th of July 2015.
Produced by Yvonne Jegede, Directed by Ernest Obi, it stars OC Ukeje, Yvonne Jegede, Wole Ojo, Peggy Ovire, and other fantastic actors.
Eunice and Kubnse, colleagues at work who don't like each other due to competition at the office. Eunice's husband best friend for 8yrs falls in love with her enemy. Will Eunice agree?
Watch the Trailer below:

Acting Tips by Casting Director, Danielle Eskinazi

Casting Director Danielle Eskinazi shares the top five mistakes she sees actors make in auditions.
1. Material. Never assume the copy will be easy or unsubstantial enough for you to “wing it” or cold read at the audition. It shows the casting director that you are not taking the audition seriously, and we would rather have given the appointment to someone else who wanted the job more than you.
2. Punctuality. Never arrive late or assume there is a “window” for you to fit into, unless your agent has instructed you otherwise. Scheduling auditions involves a very complex grid of variables, and it’s important to be respectful of that. Arriving late – flustered and unfocused – will never land you the job.
3. Wardrobe. “My agent just called me about the audition an hour ago, so I’m sorry for the way I’m dressed.” NO. You are a commercial actor, and you should expect last-minute auditions. Keep a bag in the trunk of your car with several wardrobe choices suited to the types of roles for which you are most commonly called. For example: casual lifestyle, fitness, corporate, or even a bathrobe. If you don’t have exactly what is called for (i.e. a white physician lab coat), create the essence with an oversized white button down shirt.
4. Headshot and resume. Don’t assume that you don’t need hard copies just because you’re auditioning for a commercial. Last week, I cast a commercial for a feature film director. You never know when you’ll be asked for materials, so you should always have them with you.
5. Over-preparation. Do not over-rehearse your dialogue. Yes, of course, you should be prepared and make strong choices with the material. However, you must not be so attached to your choices that you can’t take direction in the room. In my workshops, I teach the importance of improv training specifically for this reason. 
Eye contact. Personally, I feel an actor should never make eye-contact while delivering sides. It feels awkward and itʼs the quickest way to get us to look away from you while you are acting. Your safest bet is to look into the camera lens, unless we tell you otherwise.
Avoid these common mistakes and you will be more confident walking into the audition. Now, go get the job!

Acting Tips by Acting Coach, Jennifer Rae

Acting Coach, Jennifer Rae's video giving Audition tips to actors.
Watch it below:

Friday 26 June 2015

Introducing my Guest on the show Today the 27th of June 2015

Hello Lovely People, hope your weekend started on a very good note. It is yet another Saturday to listen to 'Meet the Actor with Judith Audu', today i would be chatting with an awesome Actor, Entrepreneur, Comedian, Producer, Writer, Founder of the Actor Nation Group on Linkedin, Host, Fascinators, Felines & LadyBugs, philanthropist and former beauty queen.
She has featured on Boston Legal, The animation Pup, Days of our Lives, Hell hath no Fury, Green River, Unwrapped, Old School, e.t.c
She is a native of New England, her name is Kristina Hughes 
Join us on or at 1pm (+1GMT) to listen to the show.
You can find Kristina Hughes on Facebook via:
Her Website:
Follow her on Twitter: @kristinahughes
Instagram: @kristinahughes916
Search for the 'Actor Nation Group' on Linkedin and join.
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Hope you get to enjoy the show, have a very relaxing weekend. Cheers

Thursday 25 June 2015

New Trailer Alert: Stanley Aguzie's 'SAVE ME'

Stan torch Entertainment Creation releases the trailer for his short film 'Save Me' is a short film that exposes the wrongs of negative teenage parenting, teenage abuse, molestation and the possible future of such  child/teenager. Written, Produced and Directed by Stanley Aguzie, it stars Rachel Bola Suru, Lorna Onuoha, Henry Ihewuokwu, Humjo Ojonugha and Phrancis Iheukwumere.

Watch the trailer Below:

Wednesday 24 June 2015

#OSGVITILIGODAY - Celebrating World Vetiligo Day

Lagos, Nigeria - World Vitiligo Day is an annual event specially dedicated to people with Vetiligo on June 25th. The global event is to create awareness about the skin condition.
Vetiligo is continual skin problem that produces white depigmentation patches that develop and enlarge only in certain sections of the skin. The white patches appear because the person has little or no skin cells.
Though, it is impossible to predict how much skin can be affected by Vitiligo and it is not life threatening.
The reason why Olori Supernal created this online campaign is to create awareness on Vitiligo and also educate people about the skin condition using social media.
The model for the campaign - Temilola Omoobajesu shared her message to encourage other people with Vitiligo to come out. In her words, she said 'Don't let anybody's opinion of beauty be your idea of what beauty should be. You need to acceptant celebrate yourself before people will accept you. There is no need to be perfect to inspire people, let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections' she said.
Join other people around the world with Vitiligo to share your story here:
The online campaign was created by Ajibade Oluwatosin, Founder of
Model - Temilola Omobajesu (@Temynikan )
Photography - Tope Adenola - Horplod Photography
Graphics - Adekunle Owolabi

Tunde Kelani's Dazzling Mirage Screens at Silverbird for Free Tomorrow for World Sickle-Cell Day

MainFrame Film and Televisions Productions's Dazzling Mirage screens at Silverbird Cinema, Victoria Island at 2pm Tomorrow, Thursday 25 to Commemorate World Sickle Cell Day. Gate Fee is FREE.
Dazzling Mirage is about a young talented young lady who is a Sickle-Cell carrier and how she overcomes social stigma, prejudice and her own low self-esteem, to achieve success, marriage and motherhood.
Directed and by Tunde Kelani, it stars Lala Akindoju, Kunle Afolayan, Bimbo Manuel, Seun Ajayi, Caro King, Yomi Fash Lanso, Taiwo Ajai Lycett
Watch the trailer Below:


Tuesday 23 June 2015

WAJO LAGOS - Your Invitation to Dance

WAJO LAGOS, Nigeria's ONLY monthly dance platform slated for every last Thursday of the month. This month;s edition will be the 19th year anniversary celebration of one of the Nigeria's foremost dance and drama group -CROWN TROUP OF AFRICA led by Segun Adefila.
JUNE 2015 Edition -Title: "PIECE OFF"
Date: 25th of June 2015
Venue: Freedom Park, Broad Street, Lagos Island.
Time: 6:30pm
Gatefee: FREE
PIECE OFF: The age long practice of female circumcision otherwise known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) comes under scrutiny in this work expressed in mixed media art Piece Off is a research based work that explores and creates awareness on and the social impact of the practice of FGM on the girl/woman and the society at large. Mobile and motion pictures as well as dance, music and poetry are finely blended to create an eclectic and thought provoking piece that challenges the status quo.
WAJO is your invitation to dance; a multi-faceted dance focus project aimed at touching and enriching lives - dancers, dance lovers, dance enthusiast and people from all works of life.
For more info: WAJO LAGOS 08054063997
YouTube Channel: WAJO LAGOS
Twitter: @wajolagos
Instagram: wajolagos

Monday 22 June 2015

Organizers of BON Awards call for Entries

The organizers of the Best of Nollywood Awards will start accepting entries for the 2015 edition of the awards from the 1st to the 30th of July 2015, Nominees would be unveiled on the 3rd of October 2015.
The Best of Nollywood Awards is the brain child of Seun Oloketuyi, the CEO f Best of Nollywood and Ultimate Communications.
Read more from their website about how to submit your movies:

Sunday 21 June 2015

Complete Nominee list for AMAA Awards 2015

The nominees for the African Movies Academy Awards (AMAA) was unveiled on the 20th of June in Los Angeles, USA.
The awards will hold in South Africa on the 26th of September 2015.
JAB Congratulates all the nominees.


  • Stories of Our Lives 'Run' - Kenya
  • Aisha's Story - Nigeria
  • Gulped of the Blue Sea - Togo
  • Memoir of an Honest Voice - Sierra Leone
  • Twaaga - Burkina Faso


  • The Throne - Nigeria 
  • Alternative to Corporal Punishment - Namibia
  • The Legacies of Rubbies - Nigeria
  • Akorkoli - Ghana


  • Egypt Modern Pharaohs 'Nasser' -Egypt
  • The Dream of Shahrazad - South Africa
  • Nelson Mandela, The Myth and Me - South Africa
  • Beats of The Antonov - Sudan
  • The Supreme Price - Nigeria /USA


  • Timbuktu - Mauritania
  • Triangle Going to America - Ethiopia
  • Cheetanah - Nigeria
  • Juliet and Romeo - Burkina Faso
  • iNumber Number - South Africa


  • Gone too Far - Nigeria / UK
  • Thorns of Roses (O Esphinho Da Rosa) - Guinea Bissau / Portugal
  • Fevers - France / Morocco
  • Affairs of the Heart - Nigeria /USA


  • Sound of Tears - Canada
  • Hand to the Sky - USA
  • Calm - UK


  • Jimmy goes to Nollywood - USA /Haiti
  • The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution - USA
  • Bound: Africans VS African Americans - USA
  • Black Panther Women - Australia


  • Under the Starry Sky - France
  • CRU - USA
  • Supremacy - USA


  • iNumber Number - South Africa
  • October 1 - Nigeria
  • Le President - Cameroun
  • Run - Cote d'Ivoire
  • Timbuktu - Mauritania


  • Dazzling Mirage - Nigeria
  • Run - Cote d'Ivorie
  • Njinga: Queen of Angola - Angola
  • October 1 - Nigeria
  • iNumber Number - South Africa


  • Run - Cote d'Ivoire
  • Iyore - Nigeria
  • Silver Rain - Ghana
  • iNumber Number - South Africa
  • Njinga: Queen of Angola - Angola


  • A Place in the Stars - Nigeria
  • Triangle Going to America - Ethiopia
  • Iyore - Nigeria 
  • Njinga|: Queen of Angola - Angola
  • Timbuktu - Mauritania


  • Invasion 1897 - Nigeria
  • Kpians - Nigeria
  • Run - Cot d'ivoire 
  • iNumber Number - South Africa
  • Triangle Going to America - Ethiopia


  • Lobraz Khan - Mauritus
  • Le President - Cameroun
  • Run - Cote d'Ivoire
  • Timbuktu - Mauritania
  • iNumber Number - South Africa


  • Triangle going to America - Ethiopia 
  • iNumber Number - South Africa
  • Run - Cote d'Ivoire
  • Lobraz Khan - Mauritania
  • Timbuktu - Mauritania


  • October 1
  • iNumber Number
  • Triangle Going to America
  • Run
  • Timbuktu


  • Le President
  • While you Slept
  • Timbuktu
  • Love or Something like that
  • Run


  • 30 Days in Atlanta
  • Iya Alalake
  • Last Three Digits


  • Invasion 1897
  • Dazzling Mirage
  • October 1
  • Iyore
  • A Place in the Stars


  • Layla Walet Mohammed and Mehdi A.G Mohammed - Timbuktu
  • Joshua Ibrahim and Daniel Ibrahim - A Place in the Stars


  • Demola Adedoyin - October 1
  • Vinjeru Kamanga - BELLA
  • Kemi Lala Akindoju - Dazzling Mirage
  • Hassan Spike Insingoma - Boda Boda Thieves
  • Chiedza Mhende - Love the one you Love


  • Israel Makoe - iNumber Number
  • Paul Obazele - Iyore
  • Chumani Pan - Silver Rain
  • OC Ukeje - Love or Something Like That
  • Triangle Going to America


  • Hilda Dokubo - Stigma
  • Toulou Kiki - Timbuktu
  • Reina Salicoulibaly - Run
  • Prossy Rukundo - Boda Boda Thieves
  • Ama Amphofo - Devil in the Detail


  • Tony Kroroge - Cold Harbour
  • Sdumo Matshall - iNumber Number
  • Abdoul Kareem Konate - Run
  • Sadiq Daba - October 1
  • Gerard Essomba - Le President


  • Lesliana Pereira - NJINGA: Queen of Angola
  • Queen Nwokoye - Cheetenah
  • Aida Wang - Juliet and Romeo
  • Jocelyn Dumas - Silver Rain
  • Ini Edo - While you Slept


  • Carey Mckenzie - Cold Harbour
  • Jenna Bass - Love the one you Love
  • Destiny Ekeragha - Gone too Far

Tawonga Taddja Nkhonjera - Bella


  • Theodros Teshome Kebede - Triangle Going to America 
  • Theo Nel - iNumber Number
  • Abderrahmane Sissako -Timbuktu
  • Phillipe Lacote -Run
  • Kunle Afolayan - October 1


  • Run -Cote d'Ivoire
  • Timbuktu -Mauritania
  • iNumber Number - South Africa
  • Triangle Going to America - Ethiopia
  • October 1 - Nigeria 

Thursday 18 June 2015

Introducing my Guest on Saturday the 20th of June

Allos!!! Introducing my guest for this Saturday the 20th of June. My guest is a veteran versatile Actor, Jazz Singer, Writer, Radio Host and TV Presenter/Host. She has featured in Several TV Series and Movies like: Home Sweet Home, The Beautiful Hour, The Cursed Ones, Ultimate Paradise, Princess Tyra, Farewell to Dope, Villa Kakalika, Avenue A, Memories of Joan, Divine Love, e.t.c.
She is known as the Mother of Gollywood and her name is Rama Brew.
You can find her on Facebook via:
You can like our Facebook page via:
Follow us on Twitter: @meettheactor
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Send us a mail if you are an actor and want to be a part of the program, for enquiries and advert placements, send a mail to:
To listen to this show join us at 1pm (+1 GMT) on Saturday on or click on this link to get direct access:
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Thank you and have a very wonderful day. Cheers

Sunday 14 June 2015

Submit your films for the GIAMA Awards 2015

The organizers of GIAMA Awards are calling for entries for its 4th Edition set to hold in Houston, Texas on the 17th of October, 2015.
Visit their web to find out how to enter your movie:

Saturday 13 June 2015

New Movie Alert: Folasade Abimbola's 'The Anniversary'

Folasade Abimbola Entertainment and Dazedfaze Entertainment releases their short film titled 'THE ANNIVERSARY'. Produced by Folasade Abimbola and Seun 'Mr Lucas' Okegbemiro, Directed by Seun 'Mr Lucas' Okegbemiro, Written by Gbenga Durosinmi-Etti, Powered by OUCH,WickedStones and MaryShine Saloon.
It stared Tayo Faniran from Big Brother Africa 'Big Brother Hotshot' first runner up and ONE Ambassador and Folasade Abimbola, star of Ebonylife TV Film 'Mixed Feelings'.
'The Anniversary' is the story of a couple who try to find their way back to love.
Watch the full movie below:

Friday 12 June 2015

Introducing My Guest on the Show Today the 13th of June 2015

Hello Wonderful People, Its yet another Saturday to listen to another interesting episode of Meet the Actor with Judith Audu on Igroove Radio.
My guest today is a Multi-Award winning Filmmaker, an Actor, Director, Producer, Writer and CEO of Gateway Films Production. He has featured, directed and produced several movies like: State Crime, Next President, Another Target, Desperate Chicks, Breaking Free, Switch, Vicious Blood, Lost Identity, Lost Love, just to mention but a few.
His movie State Crime is till date the best selling Sierra Leone film of all time.
His name is Ibrahim Lebron Khemalai from Sierra Leone.
Join us at 1pm (+1GMT) on or click on this link to gain direct access to listen to my chat with this amazing actor.
You can find Ibrahim on Facebook via:
Follow him on Instagram: @ibrahimlebronkhemalai
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Thank you and have a very lovely weekend.

Monday 8 June 2015

New Music Video: Zdon Paporrella's 'Rampampam'

RELLA INQ presents the Official video for Zdon Paporrella's hot single 'Rampampam' directed by CleroyDaBoss and shot in Lagos, Nigeria.
Very Energetic performances from Zdon Paporella, very creative dances and featured faces would keep you watching the video over and over again.
Follow on twitter: @iamzdon
Instagram: @IAMZDON1 and @Rallainq
Watch the Video Below:


New Music Video: Newman Street's 'PLAY YOUR PART'

Watch the new video of the National Malaria song by 2face Idibia ft Sani Musa Danja & Eve-B.
Newman Street is a highly entertaining educational Television drama series set in Urban/Rural Nigeria. Season 1 & 2 focus on health themes in Malaria and family planning. The TV series boasts of Nollywood greats like Fred Amata, Bimbo Akintola, Bimbo Manuel, Sani Danja, Sani Mu'azu, Edmond Enaibe, Ejiro Benjamin, Emma Ayalogu, Norbert Young, Saka, Aina Bello, Righteousman Erhabor, Paul Alumona, and a hot of other fantastic actors.
Directed by Bond Emeruwa and Fred Amata, Produced by Epeyong Bassey Inyang and Bond Emeruwa, Executive Producer Babafunke Fagbemi.
It airs on AIT every Monday at 7:30pm and on NTA at 8:30 with a repeat broadcast every following Friday by 8pm.
Like the Facebook page to follow the happenings:

New Trailer Alert: John Attah's 'TRAPPED'

What would you do if your deepest obsession comes with a sting? John Attah has released the trailer to his highly anticipated short movie 'TRAPPED'. Written and Directed by John Attah, Produced by VIZAVI MEDIA, Cinematography by Basil Umoyo, it stars Ben Okoma, Celina Ideh and Aaron Sunday.
Synopsis: Hector (Ben Okoma) is caged in substance abuse, races to abandon the lifestyle that is set to sink everything that matters to him, including his abused detective lover, Ene (Celine Ideh). Her attempt to upturn the status-quo leads to a major stand-off and series of events that would define the lives of everybody around them.
Substance abuse is a time bomb waiting to explode. It has become a global phenomenon affecting almost every country. The most commonly abused substances are cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, codeine and local gin (paraga, monkey tail, e.t.c.)
Many youths are falling into the trap of substance abuse for different reasons and the related problem are becoming more and more a public health concern and they represent one of the leading causes of illness, injury, cultism, sexual indiscretion, accidents, crime and death unfortunately, substance abuse affects not just the individual alone but those around them and the society at large.
Follow on Twitter: @TRAPPEDmovieNG and @JohniBlaze
Watch the Trailer Below:

Saturday 6 June 2015

Introducing My Guest on the Show Today the 6th of June

Hola! On the show Today the both of June we will be chatting with a Nigerian Actor, Presenter, Producer, Compere, Model and Former Beauty Queen.
She has featured in several Movies and TV Series like; My Mum and I, Baby Guards, Saving Sarah, Hot Island, A Night in the Philippines, Common Game, Oasis, Drive, Merciful, Jungle Jewel, Life and Death, e.t.c
She has gotten several awards nominations, won awards, participated in several pageants, won some and represented Nigeria at The Miss Earth Beauty Pageant in Philippines in 2004.
In 2011 she was nominated for the Best Actress awards at the Golden Nymph Awards in Monte Carlo Television Festival, Best Actress in a TV series at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2011, Actor of the Year at the 2011 at the Future Awards,  Go Red Africa Best Female Model 2007, Africa Youth Society Role Model Award 2009, Best Actress in a  drama at the Terracotta TV and Film Awards, her short film Jungle Jewel was nominated AMVCA 2013 for the Best Short Film Awards.
You can find her on Facebook via:
Follow her Twitter: @ufuomaejenobor
Follow her on Instagram: @Ufuoma McDermott
Remember to like our page on Facebook:
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Join us on the show at 1pm (+1GMT) on to gain direct access click on this link:
Thank you very much and have a wonderful weekend.

Friday 5 June 2015

New Short Film Alert: Best Okoduwa's 'The Contest'

Best Okoduwa, a Nigerian Filmmaker and change agent who has consistently used his art as a filmmaker to address societal ills through shortfalls has reached out again; this time on the nation's fuel situation in this short film; The CONTEST: A two minutes plus open message to our new Government.
Watch the movie below:

New Music Alert: Nikki Laoye's None+U=ME

Nigerian Soul Singer, Nikki Laoye has just released the classic jazz piece, NONE + U = ME, from her first studio album, Angel 4 Life for free download.
One of Nikki's favorite penned songs, the singer creatively expresses the ultimate love equation with a groovy soulful tune and lyrics, 'If i multiply you & you, it just makes a better Me; If i subtract You from myself, it only leaves me empty'
Produced by Port-Harcourt based producer, Victor Okon of Etrackz Productions, the enchanting jazz number reveals once again the eclectic urban style and unique addictive vocals of Nikki Laoye.
The award winning singer released the critically acclaimed debut album, ANGEL 4 LIFE in 2008 which also includes the classic hit 'Never Felt This Way Before' and landed the singer numerous award nominations such as the Headies, KORA and SoundCity Music Video Awards as well as a special album launch coverage by MTVBase Africa for the TV Show, Advance Warning.
In 2013, Nikki continued her winning steak with the release of another classic piece, 'Only You' which won the Best Female Vocal Performance at the 2013 Headies awards; Best Alternative Rock Video for 2014 Nigerian Music Video Awards and the 2014 African Union Sponsored Award (AFRIMA) for Best African Inspirational Artiste.
The album is available alongside Nikki's new 2015 deluxe collection, 'The 123 Project' on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spinet and
Nikki Laoye is presently on the SOPP Global Tour hosted by top Nigerian artiste, Sammie Okposo with the just concluded Lagos and Benin City editions, The tour continues in major cities across Nigeria with Port Harcourt on the 14th of June and Umuahia, Abia State on the 21st of June. Watch out for tour dates in a city near you.
Buy Nikki Laoye's Angel 4 Life Album:
Download 'None + U = ME
Soundcloud Link:
MyNotJustOk Link:
Direct Download:
Follow her on twitter and Instagram: @NikkiLaoye

Wednesday 3 June 2015

New TV Series Alert: DaySix Entertainment's 'SQUATTERZ' Season 3

The air is over! After months of expectation, the AMVCA nominated Best Written Comedy sitcom premieres the third season. Produced and Directed by Seun Arowojolu, Written by Shege 'Westside' Adeniji and Seun Arowojolu, it stars Big Tony Ogbetere, Stanly 'Funnybone' Chibunna, Femi Deolu Amusan, Lord Frank, Jennifer Brown and Boma MAC-AKE.
Brand new episodes of Squatterz are surely going to break the lid on comedy in Nigeria and Africa.
With, well scripted comedy from Shege 'Westside' Adeniji and AMVCA Nominated Seun Arowojolu plus phenomenal performance from your favorite actors Papa (Big Tony Ogbetere), Buchi (Stanly 'Funnybone' Chibunna), Shege (Femi Deolu Amusan) and Esiri (Lord Frank), you can expect nothing less of undiluted laughter and 30 minutes of top quality TV entertainment week in week out.
With the introduction of a new lady, Amanda (Jennifer Brown) in the house after Danjuma's decision to leave the apartment to pursue his Master's degree, the 'Squatters' repackaged the apartment, forcing Shege to bring a new Squatter. Papa and Buchi did not like the idea, however drama heightens when they realize how pretty she is and the quest begins with, who will get her...
She has to make a choice, and choose between the mature Papa and Funny Buchi...What will be her choice? Don't miss out on the new episodes.
Squatters premieres on Lagos Terrestrial TV Channel: Galaxy TV on Saturday June 6, 7;30-8pm.
You can also watch on Ebonylife TV and Africa Magic on DSTV, Iroko TV, Ghone Ghana, Wazobia TV, and over 20 terrestrial stations in Nigeria.
You can download the soundtrack here:
Watch the Season 3 Trailer Below:

Monday 1 June 2015

New Trailer Alert: Abu Idi's 'CASPER's ENERGY'

Cine-god Studios release the trailer for 'Casper's Energy' a paranormal movie, Written and Directed by Abu Idi 'Cinema god', Produced by Tony Hanssen, it stars Tony Hanssen, Paulina Oduro, Umar Krupp, Salma Mumin, Tinell Dickens, Jefferey Nortey, Manaf DF, Anthony Wood, Eva Bannor.
Casper Energy tells a story of a man trapped between earth and the other side, Casper learns the darkest secrets of his own existence, meanwhile on the other side is Aimi, a 50 year soul in the body of a 25 year old lady, who discovers a purpose for herself and casper on the other side, where they don't die, they don't grow, they don't progress and neither do they retard, though casper has a chance to change the world may be, is this worth it when everything about his life was a lie? And everything about the other side feels real? Still the surprises never stopped in the real world and Casper could not do anything while he remains only a shadow, but even if he choses to do anything, he is only an energy without a host and must get through the world's worse problems to get back to his host.
Follow on Twitter: @abu_iddris
Instagram: @abu_idi
Watch the Trailer Below: