Friday 15 November 2013

House5 Production releases MISFIT a film based on a true life story...

The much anticipated movie MISFIT, written and directed by Daniel Emeke Oriahi was finally screened yesterday at the Film House, Surulere. Lagos, by press and invited guest, i was privileged to be part of the selected viewers.
The movie is based on a true life story. It is a psychological thriller recounting the strange but true ordeal of a lady abducted by a mysterious group. Waking from an unconscious state, she discovers incisions on her stomach resembling a form of initiation. It is a story of liberation of a victim of ritual abduction, assault and molestation.
It is the first feature film motion produced by House5 Production. It is produced in a cinematographic style where stable image techniques were purposely dispensed with , this technique according to the producer was applied to give a pseudo-documentary 'cinema verite' appearance to the film.
The impeccable Actor Ijeoma Agu played the lead role and i wasn't surprised at her performance because i know she always dig deep to bring every character she plays to life, Rita Edward played the Female Supporting role and i must say she really really really blew me off! its the first time am seeing her act or even hearing her name but i was super impressed, she was so believable that i almost thought she was a naive village girl for real, Kelechi Udegbe wore his character so well that i didn't even recognize him! thought he was someone else because he totally became the character he was playing! All the actors were just so believable that it made viewing interesting and when it ended we could easily have asked for more plus a lot of us fell in love with some lines, so cool.
Overall, i would say beautiful and inspiring story, impeccable and outstanding acting, great locations, only had issues with the camera always trying to focus but later found out that was intentional and in fact how its meant to be, great job to the entire cast and crew for this eye opening movie, a girl somewhere would watch this movie and learn because this happens everyday.
I see Awards coming soon for them. MISFIT is now available on DOBOX from today the 16th of November 2013. Log in and watch believe me you would be glad you did...wink
Below is a link to the trailer...